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2000 05 31

My first korean word: ajuma ( old lady )

Remember the dancing pages frenzy ? the girl hero (dot org) would have appreciated that one.

Finally A. Torrez replied my e-mail to say there aren’t any button files made by him. I got to make one or steal the one i saw on a blog which URL is already forgotten by my tiny brain.
Damn, I feel i’m important. Someone known replies to my e-mails. I sound like i’m discovering life. Sheesh that sucks, i’m a newbie.

You know what ? I just found another thing to link to. Do they have a button like blogger does ? Anyway i’ll linkit for sure.

IRC quote of the day:
[16:56] <i2i> guys.. you all should have a testicular exam every 2 months

(by the way i re-made the irc section.)

Quoted from Leaves of Absence:
<FORM METHOD=”GET” ACTION=”/cider//open.bottle”>
<!– // hide from old assholes
function raiseToMouth(drinkMore)
{ if (tastesGoood != “Mmmnnnn”) { self.location=x; } }

Is it ok to quote someone who quoted someone else ? Don’t answer i’m just joking.

Yippi, i’m my hundredth visiter.

Just joined that Blogsters webring. Link me, see me, but mostly link me. And sign my guestbook before you leave and link link me.
Oh, i’m such a dork.
And yes this entry looks like a Skoad entry.

Yeah, a new template !

2000 05 30

For those who want to know less about me, check tofu’s webpage, one old layout of my website. (ugly ugly)

Hokusai !
I just finished that section and i must say that it was kinda hard to resize pics and do 32 thumbnails and such … If you got a slow modem, pics would take very long to load though.
But don’t forget to take a look at it :)

I want to have my site in that community one day. Don’t laugh please. How pitiful my website is.

I can only dream of such a cool design. Not so surprised that she won several awards.

Don’t you think that is cute ?
i’ll steal the source code & learn how to do it.

2000 05 29

Last friday someone left a paper in the room, with some URLs. Here they are, if you want to check them: Lord of the rings, American psycho, The blairwitch project, Universal Music (France).

Searching for javascript: Random Sentence: When a tomato daydreams, the industrial complex takes a coffee break. A turkey toward a scooby snack conquers a single-handledly frustrating salad dressing. For example, a chess board related to a fraction indicates that the fractured apartment building recognizes a tattered freight train. Some vacuum cleaner near another dust bunny, a secretly gentle support group, and another pit viper from the cough syrup are what made America great! Indeed, the bohemian satellite knowingly brainwashes an outer ski lodge.

I’m surrounded by chinese people now. Although I studied a bit chinese this year, i can’t understand anything that makes sense … Should have studied more.

Remember to click there once every day: The Hunger Site.

2000 05 27

Webloggers webring: i didn’t get everything, but i suscribed and added the HTML to the template. More newcomers ~~~~~~~
Lust for newcomers. Be linked. Be seen. Be.

This website was really ugly.
I’m now in a creative frenzy to re-design it all. At the moment i finished only the blogs & the album. Quite better looking.