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2000 06 30

OK now i’m gonna have a crappy week-end as usual.

10 Worst Mistakes Websites Make. Thanks for listing only 9 reasons. The 10th is not giving what you promised.

I didn’t notice that one can search on Blogger for results in the past 2 years. Blogger isn’t even 1 year old !

when you ask Jeeves who f*cks him, he replies: Calvin Klein.

Hey stephen, you video-games lovr/worker, did you know the definitive guide to Gaming Grossness ?

I don’t want to be web-snobbish, but this guy asks for a vote “for the best website”.

And this brings me to the Altavista of the day:
worst website award. No comment again.

They sell Exploding Dog 100% cotton white Hanes Heavyweight t-shirts now !
…Too bad they don’t take orders from outside the USA, i would have been a customer.

Bleh, Sabrina ate squiddy tentacles on request…
I like the idea of this kind of website.
But i would do things on request.
Remember halcyon’s no-sex-days counter ?
( i forgot the URL of this page and i can’t find it anymore, SIGH )

There it is, a new template for this page, and a new URL, easier to remember.
Thanks Go for the calligraphy, you’re a great friend & i will miss you when i’m leaving the town.

Italia won at EC !!!
Adesso sono tanto contento ! Per? Toldo ? il migliore goal dell’ europa, chi sappia ?
Uh, my italian is rusty. I practiced it yesterday: i ate delicious pizzas.
Tomorrow i’ll eat some ramen to practice my japanese.
(I can send you some roquefort to learn french.)

I had to blog a random thing too. So here’s the Random Band Name Generator. The interesting part of it is that it allows you to search at CDnow.com for artists & bands matching one of the names.
Did you know that more than one artist matched Zeta’s Spermicidal Ponaluisas ?

I will finally upload the new layout this afternoon, when i’ll be at my usual computer at MTP3 university.
Since i will stay on the mainland longer than scheduled, i’ll make a really better thing during the next 2 weeks, if i have the time.

Here’s a riddle: how to get the ticket in the office, if you need this ticket to enter the office ?
Because of that little problem, i can only move next week…

OK i’m gonna prepare my moving. Laters.

It’s a good thing that Jish is cleaning the webloggers webring. Way too hard to manage 600 blogs, with many of them removing the webring code once they’ve been added, creating webring dead-ends.

…Strikes in the airplane company that i have to use to get back to corsica. So i have to stay some more days here, moving from a student room to another, some kilometres away. At the moment i’m blogging from the science university on a 640*480 monitor, and i forgot how this resolution sucks… I had headaches when i was reading my yahoo & hotmail, always had to scroll from the left to the right.
I don’t think that i’ll have the time to upload the new layout on meiyuu.org , since i’ll be very very busy with packaging all my stuff…

2000 06 29

Finally my best friend is back in town before i’m leaving, so i’ll have dinner with him and his girlfriend tonight. This kind of little things are enough to make my days happy. Just belating the farewells.
I’m gonna fly to the beloved island next tuesday (plane tickets not reserved yet, they made me wait for 25 minutes on the line, so i let down for today).
That’s it, no updates until tomorrow.

I changed the URL of the Euro Blog webring’s page, because altern.org is having problems with the stupid laws that just have been voted by my beloved french government officers.

By the way, if you’re an European with a weblog, don’t forget to get in the (web-) ring !

Oh shit i got no good entries to type here, today.

I’ve been wondering how Electric Biscuit suddenly got 1000 clicks on Blogger’s XML file. Hordes of crazy clickers ? This morning it was 696 clicks, now it’s 1005.
Ah, maybe searching for some more fame.