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2000 07 31

Today as i was wandering around some streets, i happened to end in front of the karate dojo and saw the great Nakahashi Hidetoshi. It’s been so long since i hadn’t met him, since i stopped karate 3 years ago.
Guess i shall start it all again, be humble, wear my old white girdle, and train HARDER this time.

By the way, Shihan Nakahashi and Soke Mabuni are organizing an international training course at Borgo in Corsica, from August 1st to 5th.
(if only i had knew it earlier…)

I was about to tell you about my cats, but i won’t do so.
Ukjoe‘s cat has died…

And i scanned a beautiful picture for the future splash page of DayZero.org : a frog with 7 legs (a REAL one, not a drawing).
Thanks to Ribeiroia. (dunno who’s Ribeiroia ? search)

Some people found me with google.com, with these search topics:
nude under the sea
porn warez
steak & chips sex
“american psycho” warez

I never asked to be registered in Google tho. (but it’s ok)

2000 07 25

I got a nice comment on my guestbook from annia, whose website is pretty cute ^_^ (…cute smiley exceptionnally used for you).

I don’t have anything interesting to write today, so here is a copy of a post on a forum, about the web’s teen scene.

Maybe because i’m 21.
Maybe because i discovered the net at the age of 19.
Maybe because my parents were never rich enough to buy me a computer. (i will have to work 2 months, to buy one)
Maybe because i don’t know what it is to wake up, and think “oh, i will update my website” without even get dressed first. (i made my whole website at university)

For all these reasons, or maybe for none of the above, i just think most of these teens should get a life out of the web.

What do they bring except their poor empty selves ?
Tell me what do they bring to the web, except those things like “oh, mom bought me new kewl shoes” or “way too kewl, i downloaded napsters and i now have my mp3z of britney spears” … ?

Playing around with their parents’ money, “daddy, buy me a new domain name, and don’t forget the new pentium III, internet is faster with it, so they said on TV”.

Damn rich occidental crap cheesy empty f**king kids.

Love me or hate me for that, depends weither you’re one of these kids or not, actually i don’t really care.

I spent the whole yesterday afternoon looking at the stars.

2000 07 22

No updates until some days, as usual.

I remember Bj?rk once said that young people are so bored in Iceland that they only had 2 things to do: music, or drink.
Now they can blog too.
And as usual i found lots of images on one of their blogs Potturinn.
Hey hey hey i already said that i should have learned icelandic.

According to my referrer’s log, there is or WAS a link to me there. Very weird.

I saw this URL written on lots of wall in Bastia: isula.net. It’s a brand new interesting corsican website.

Talked with the guy at one of the only 2 computer stores, he said the (used) computer i want would cost me 4000 FF at least. With no 17″ screen. Guess i’ll have to work a lot before i can afford a 17″ and a brand new computer. Guess i’ll have the used one at the end of August.

I feel so hurt.
It’s been nearly 10 years that i didn’t take a good look on the place where i grew up, the citadel of Bastia.
All the places where i have great memories of my happy child life have been surrounded by concrete, and new buildings painted in yellow and mandarine colors.
They built a bricks wall instead of my former school’s door, can’t enter anymore.
It’s all so new, under this terrible sun it was just my memories that they assassinated. I wanted to sit down somewhere and write a postcard to a friend, but i couldn’t find any place that was un-changed, any rock un-excavated, any tree un-killed. I wanted to sit down on a quiet bank, but they were all squatted by noisy tourists.
I just wanted to shout at them. Shout “go away, MY place not YOURS”.
But it’s not my place anymore. It’s not even my life anymore. Childhood is someone else’s life.
I feel so hurt.

2000 07 18

I had visions of the plane crashing, but as you can see i arrived safely, now bloggin’ from a cyber with my sis on my left. Well i have nothing else to say, except that the come back to corsican reality is a bit hard.

Blogger is cool.
That was the thought of the day. good night, my mind is dead tired.

Plane at 3:00 PM and this time i won’t miss it.

2000 07 17

Altavista of the day (I know, it’s been a while…)
Image: day zero. Various results, covering various subjects.

I’m amazed by the content of this 8 Go hard-drive:
1.5 Go of MP3s (only 2 files were interesting to me)
1.5 Go of porn MPEGs
200 Mo of IRC scripts
at least 3,5 Go of games
and the rest is various, including that monster win98.
It’s the computer of my sister’s boyfriend, that i am using since saturday.
With my spare time i would have done a re-design of this blog, but there’s only 40 Mo available on the hard-drive, and there’s no graphix software on it ! And it doesn’t have room for GIMP to be installed…
When i think of all the useful things i installed on a 4 Go drive at the university, i can’t believe how much crap can be on a 8 Go …

I got to phone Q.H. tho, since he’s the one who’s hosting my future sites, to ask for a second domain name on the same box.

I thought i would phone my closest friends there to invite them to a second adios-party tonight, but i decided not to do so. One is already enough, our feelings were true then. Tonight they would have been kinda untrue, considering that i belated my departure three times already in a 3 weeks span, saying farewell to G. & others for three times…
A fourth wouldn’t be welcome, it would only have weakened me. Never turn back. I’m gone already.