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2000 09 26

I just noticed that the guestbook doesn’t work. Thanks to the mighty gods of CGI and CHMOD, it doesn’t work. Oh f*ck, i should repair it and then you’d have this place to tell me how much you love me.

What a dull morning, just sitting & fixing errors on .doc files then convert them to .pdf, then re-make the menu, then take another file, etc.
I love these boring tasks. Especially when i’m in a lack of inspiration.
Have you checked the pages about the church ? I uploaded them yesterday and the bosses were happy. It was so tiring to scan these pics… You can only see 18 of them, but i scanned at least 50…
Now i gotta do the same kind of pages for the museum.

2000 09 25

In a furious attempt of being romantic, i wrote her a postcard that shows the place where my most important memories are lying.

Small note for lunch: tell Christi & Candy not to link me too. Just in case they had the idea of it.

2000 09 24

I felt great saturday, in my one day journey in Bastia. Bought new contact lenses, and took a book for the week.
Saw these young people on parade in the main commercial street with their so common look of end-of-summer. Dunno what to wear ? Just wear like your friend, that’s their clothes-philosophy. Oh funny Dolly sheeps.

2000 09 22

Another bit of froggies’ today… Cracks with a frenchy music at SuperGEGE‘s. Dance the night away !

Yay for David Douillet !

Ahah look at his logo. I like it.

Damned world. Got no water @ home nor @ work, so i couldn’t even wash my face this morning. Luckily i don’t look like a pig yet.
They cut the water arrival just for a builder’s work on some aparts, including mine. It will be over-dusty when i’m back there. Oh, the lovely sounds of a hammer and other tools, at 7:30 AM !

2000 09 21

The mysterious wonders of languages… Do you speak Pig Latin ? No ? Fine then, here’s the translator.

Wanna be sued ?
Microsoft.gs, .ms, .tc, .tf, .vg, .vu, .ac, .sh, and .nu are still available for you to register.

WOW. A 6 Gig Personal MP3 Jukebox !
Oh shit, they can’t ship it outside the U.S.
… But anyway, WOW. That makes the Rio, and other stuff like that, completely obsolete.

And just when i linked MarQ (who is a christian) one post below, i think that i’ll have to finish the pages about the church. Ah, damned christian city i’m in.

Well, MarQ, just click on his blog everytime it appears in the most recent blahblah list…

2000 09 20

It’s now nearly officialized: i’m in love.

Got to make pages about my city’s church today. Bleh.

Zeni, ask Yuff to manganize you on her #tokyochat page, and you’ll make her day. (have you seen the manga character under my nick ? didn’t know she saw me that way)

FrontPage 3.0, muahahahah. Uhm. Ahah. Ah.
They‘re so bloody rich, why wouldn’t they rent a GOOD webdesigner ? Put a YUM on people’s faces ok, but don’t put a YUCK on websurfers’.

Waaah, i just drowned under a ton of popup windows, so don’t click this evil link !

Zeni, still working on gra.ph ?