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2001 01 31

Here, Antonio‘s quick patch on my critics on W3C:
No, michel: they’re working on the Web. They give us standards and recommendations to stick to, in order to produce web-able content. And they release new standards to prepare the ground for tomorrow’s content. What should they do? Wait until Microsoft and Netscape decide to produce a decent browser and do nothing in the meanwhile??

Yes, i was a bit bold on critics, must admit.

I hate webdesign.
It suddenly popped up in a 320*240 px window in my mind: i <H1>HATE</H1> webdesign.

Let me refine the target: i hate W3C’s standards and the browsers. W3C is making standards for browsers that don’t exist yet. Browsers then are released and the companies say “look, we are standards-compliant !” and two weeks laters W3C puts up a new standard that will make these new browsers obsolete.

I hate CSS 1 & 2. I hate the DOM. I hate XML.
I hate these unrealistic words that only sound VOID.

I hate older browsers.
I hate when i have to test each page in 4 browsers to check if this size of font is the same everywhere, if this image is aligned like i want it to be.

I hate IE 5.5 which allows so much crappy code that it has opened the doors to a new generation of windows-lovers bad coders. Not to mention the flourishing “IE 5 for this site” that’s to be found all around. And the JScript, which is just MS’s way to implement JavaScript (after the pitiful JavaScript capabilities of IE 3) with proprietary code.
I hate NS 6 which takes a LOT of time to load and is loaded with bugs and bloat software (thank you Mr. Netscape, but all i want is a browser…).
I hate Opera which despite announcing an incredible standards-compliance, is just crap like the others.
I hate Mozilla’s numerous bugs.

I hate Java applets. I hate the Flash plugin. I hate embedded WAV sounds.
I hate the fonts Arial, Verdana, Comic Sans and Times New Roman. I hate { font-size: 8px;} .

I just want to throw my text and my images on a clear screen and seeing it arranged the way i like to arrange them, according to my thoughts, not the way i CAN arrange them, according to browsers.

Everything is funnier with Beverage !

2001 01 30

Give an animal to hungry families. Good idea. But for now i’ll stick to my daily clicking on the hunger site

You’ve been curious. You’ve been patient. Now is the time :
The secret of Windows 98.

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Everyone’s been doing it, so i’ll surrender to the trend. Here’s a stor-trooper of me…

2001 01 29

Ah, Tek sings like a fry-pan but Oops i touched it again is just too funny !

The scanner works, hurray !

Why is the computer’s metallic box still wide opened like a patient’s thorax ?
Why is Blogger still showing me a “publish” button when i already clicked it 10 times ?
Why did i suddenly remove a tooth-bullet and start shedding some tears of pain ?

I don’t want to know.

I went to Bastia today to see my parent’s new apartment and wash my laundry. I was supposed to come back home with them and some furniture they couldn’t put in the new apart, but instead, i ended up on this chair typing this entry alone, with a newly bought Agfa 1212u scanner.
We were in the mall and suddenly it catched my attention, and the thought “let’s buy it” crossed my mind.
And the reason why i don’t have the furniture is that it’s raining heavily and even if you haven’t already carried furniture under a heavy rain, i think you’ll understand why we gave up on the idea.
Now another thought crosses my mind: “let’s download drivers for win2k”.

Oh, a new layout. I lost this award tho.

2001 01 28

Fusion ~~~~~

Erm, wait for the next serie.

2001 01 27

Man accidentally saws off hand, then shoots nails into head.
And he’s still alive.

now, take the applicatorless tampon, push it into your ear, and rotate it clockwise a few times. there you have it. nice, squeaky clean ears, thanks to your friend, tampax.

So, we had an annual meeting tonight – very interesting.

Ukjoe got my point there. Just what i was trying to say, but with words and everything intelligible enough to be understood.
I got to work on my english.
On a side-note, check the pull-down menu of her photo album: you’ll see pics of a “Sea Food Dinner With Coworkers”. But the box is too small (on my browser at least), so it reads only “Sea Food Dinner With Cow”. Wait, maybe there was really a cow hiding somewhere.

Somehow i don’t feel at ease with this new trend of blog awards.
This is not a lot about the “quality” of your weblog, more about its popularity. You can make a great one with a bunch of high-quality links (if this is not copyrighted yet, assume i’m the copyright holder of this stupid expression), and yet if you don’t get in the exposure, nobody will vote for you.

I don’t advertise my blog at all, i hardly sign some guestbooks (2 or 3 guestbooks a month, at most), and i’m happy with the situation.
I don’t need votes. You were not gonna throw the url of my blog in the forms anyway. But i wouldn’t want votes anyway, even if this was a well-known well-frequented weblog.

Because the idea is just stupid.

Or if you want, nominate me for the anti-bloggies.

Possible White House Vandalism:
Fleischer declined any details, but sources say a pornographic picture was left on one White House printer; phone lines were cut; nasty graffiti was left in bathrooms and in a hallway, and paper left in a copying machine bore an unflattering picture of Bush.
Bush aides previously confirmed the “W” key had been yanked off some computers and that other keys were broken or taped to the tops of doorways, requiring keyboards to be replaced.

[ insert laugh.wav here ]

Sigh, i only have ordinary powers of observation.
Enough already to notice Firda removed the cute dog’s little ass-hole after some remarks (and complaints ?).

Brings me to think this ass-hole, considered alone, was just a group of black pixels.
You’d never have found these black pixels outrageous if they were sitting on a blank screen. Or would you. But then you’d put me in deep wonder.

I’ll ask C. if i can borrow the high-quality pics of cow-shit she shot last time. You’ll like them. They’re four 1280×960 jpegs at 100% quality. Yes, perfect desktop wallpapers they are.