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2001 03 31

Another myth deconstructed : Bigfoot sucks.

Just bought RAM. Almost died of a heart attack when the server had an error just after i submitted the form with my credit card number.
Got the confirmation e-mail though. 128 megs of PC133 RAM will come as expected. I’ll jump for joy like crazy when i’ll get them.

I’m gonna be given a second screen. I’m gonna buy some cheap RAM and a cheesy video card just to support the screen.
Neat things.

And what do we learn there with Zeldman ? Never be out of stamps kids ! Never ! Stamps-shortage drives you insane !

2001 03 30

Also, latest big Sun Spot on the BBC Network, plus a simili-webcam of our star there.

Deconstructing the Moon hoax there.
I tell ye, conspiracy theories are delicious.

Gefangen in der Finsternis
sieht sie nie das Licht der Sonne
vor Geilheir zuckend fleht sie dann
die Zunge in dem Manne an

K?ss mich

2001 03 29

A great site with somewhat weird materials, very interesting: makes you see , hear, and WONDER. Now that’s something valuable: an artistic site with content that’s not boring. Travel in a land of surprises there. >>> bookmarked.

Damn i need an efffffing camera.

2001 03 28

So that’s for you, Ian: an Aqua Banana.

More browser-stuff: go get Mozilla 0.8.1, and gape at the possibilities of DocZilla when it will be fully implemented: seeing SGML and XML content right in the browser, neato.

2001 03 27

Funny thing with IE 6: when you leave the mouse-pointer over an image, a little menu appears with 4 icons: Save, Print, E-mail, MyPictures folder.

So, i just installed IE 6, despite the blurry scary Readme file.
It’s not much of a revolution, but at least now my newsblogger-bar works, heh. And it looks like it follows the standards better than IE 5.5 did.
I posted a little first-sight review there. Not much of a revolutionnary review, too.

As read on the very bottom of IE6’s readme file:

Standards Compliance Issues
Internet Explorer 6 Public Preview offers considerable improvements in standards compliance. In some cases, this may cause HTML content to look differently than in previous versions of Internet Explorer.
Many of the changes causing the largest compatibility problems are implemented only under a specific declaration in the HTML. If you see rendering problems, try removing any declaration in your code, and check the Developer Center for more information on these changes.

Which means: If you have problems with being standards-compliant, then switch back to non-compliance. Doh, stupid: Doctype declaration is the first thing checked in the W3C validator.
Well let’s hope they fix that. This readme file is scary.

Oh, my birthday’s next june, so spare some big money, and buy me a brand new organic LCD screen.
You know you want to… don’t you ? Awwww pretty please.

Was searching for a javascript way of displaying a random image, but found better: a Profundity Generator !
The ubiquitous outgrowth of gender identification disorders will dehumanize the demise of our human condition.
Yeah, lame.

Damn this comment system won’t work. DAMN DAMN DAMN.
Edited: stupid me, i was not CHMODing the directory for the comments files…

Gribouille loves orange juice. Now what a surprise, that’s the first cat i see drinking orange juice…


The weather’s sunny
I guess i’m gonna go out
Too bad it’s tuesday.

…and tuesday’s the beginning of the week at the office, doh.

2001 03 26

Finally, i’m installing a comment-system…