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2001 04 30

YES we did it. At last.
Seems unbelievable that with an ADSL connection we had to wait 2 hours for an 1,3 MB file to load. Gotta love taiwanese servers (driver file was on cmedia.com.tw).

Might install the webcam here.

Must say my buddy T. is an unlucky one. I’m at his apartment right now looking for a driver for his audio card for his IBM 2169. Now the only supported versions for Windows ME are 2168, and 2170+. Neat.

2001 04 29

Eventually I’ll get up and finish cleaning the house.
Some knockings on the door two hours ago scared the shit out of me: the apartment was still an horrible mess as I hadn’t started the cleaning, and I thought the knockings were my parents’.
What do a Michel do in such a circumstance ? Put loud punk music on (the Descendents) and pretend you don’t hear the knockknocks and start cleaning. Eventually M. would go and open the door and say “oh, I just heard your knockings on my door !” like 30 minutes later when the apartment looks somewhat decent.
Actually, I never went opening the door because the knockings had stopped. Surely these were on my neighbours’ door.
And if they were my parents there behind the door who got discouraged and go, then fuck it: I prefer them parting than see I sometimes can’t keep the apartment sparkling clean everyday. Thanks, but no thanks, I’ve lived this humiliating situation once, I don’t plan on seeing this happening once again.

Never knew of any connection between Dican and the universe of Urethane Rubber

2001 04 28

FuckMicrosoft.com > What computer do you want to make slow today?

Do you like M$’s hypocrite press about WMP 7 ?
It’s funny how many people get a hard time to uninstall it and re-install WMP 6, and that M$’s pressroom is like “yeah it’s a cool product !”.
Actually, the pressroom seems to be like “it’s better than RealPlayer 8 because it only has three buttons and it’s integrated in the OS”. Loosy.

Anyway, I got scared to my frozen bones when I read about the release of MS Linux, a Linux distribution by MicroSoft which is scheduled to ship next november, at the incredible low price of $249 (if you order now).

Relax, it’s a hoax.

Nice flash on threecolour.com, neat grey + blue + orange, the ever-winning combo. Reminds you of the new trnedy Stickdeath ?

2001 04 27

This is what happens when you mix physics with lack of design skills and “TaLKinG LiKe tHaT”. Sigh.

Why worry when you can pray ?

2001 04 26

PHP is out of the darkness, not banished anymore. Some of the site’s data (no, not this site you’re reading) will be on a cheaper+better server, at last one that has PHP & MySQL on it. I used to have my paws bathing in PHP only at home, now my paws will bath in it at the office too. Can’t think of a better way to learn this language quickly.

2001 04 25

Will I be foced to count May in the endless list of A-list sucker-ups ? Nahhhh.

I have yet to understand the deeper motivations that pushed the author into doing this Hyaku go jyuu ichi (151) movie.

More search requests:
portugese pussy
corsica nude
HUNTER PORN ( i don’t understand this one, you wanted porn + hunters with guns and stuff ? )

2001 04 24

You call this color dirty-green ? This is a pretty name, compared to the french equivalent of it: “vert caca d’oie”, which can be translated to “green like goose-shit”. Funny names uh. I dig the color there too.

Just noticed that double clicking on a japanese text, in Internet Explorer, highlights the word, and not the entire sentence. Reminder: japanese sentences are written without any spaces, so for the learner it can get pretty difficult to decipher.
But if you can highlight each word with a double click, then you can understand the structure of the sentence, which is a huge plus.

Then again, if you are using a computer that doesn’t have a japanese font, you can still convert the text into images, using Shodouka.

“How are you gentleman ?
All your phonebill are belong to us.
You are on the way to be broke. You have no chance to pay us make your time. Ha ha ha ha.”

Again, I forgot to pay the phonebill right on time, and an army of lawyers is going to knock on my door by next week. Sent the check yesterday though. The bill was due for January, and didn’t exceed $15.
Why is it always the tiniest bills that screw up your lives ?

2001 04 22

Some bugs really come out of the blue: Hair Color of the “Person” Icon for a User Group Becomes Gray If the Group Contains More Than 500 Users.

Heard some music ? /me is testing the server’s capability to stream RealAudio files. And it works.
Here what you hear is a remix featured on an album celebrating the 30th birthday of the japanese anime Lupin the 3rd. A weird remix with bits of Super Mario Bros sounds. Fun.

Dayzero.org goes blah !