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2001 07 31

By the way, these numbers above the entries are the seconds since Unix Epoch, and Swatch Internet Time. I can’t wait for the billionth second, to occur next september.

Added some stuff to b2 v0.5 again. I think I’ll need a good upgrade script now…

A belated happy birthday to my 4th sponsor Alysha !
(I didn’t know your webpage addy prior to tonight, you should have contacted me about the sponsorship !)

2001 07 30

Lovely pieces of software: 2xExplorer is like Explorer, only better (takes file-management to a higher level of usability), and WebDrive lets you map a drive letter to an FTP server, so you can view your FTP in.. 2xExplorer, or Explorer, or save files directly on the FTP !

Ah, SitePoint Forums have put up a new Junk Mail section, just for fun. Yesterday I would have posted about the latest funny junk I got, but I was too tired to find words. You’ll hear the story later here and in the forums.

Got an e-mail from the office that basically calls me there today. I replied with “I’m coming only the morning then.”, then as my friend wasn’t coming on the afternoon I called the office and left a message “I’m coming in the afternoon”, so I could sleep this morning. I hope they got the latter.

Oh, I got Jessica-ed during the night, 95/100, yay!
Overall, I think I got overestimated, though.

Now this floats in my muddy just-woke-up brain: must+handle+postblogathon+blues.

2001 07 29

*click* OVER

So, all I want now is thanking you, readers, sponsors, and fellow participants, for the great time I had, we had, and they (the charities) will have (with your money).
It has been easy, fast, but also painful and slow as hell. So thank you to those who were in the AIM chatroon these 24 hours, support was appreciated.

But let’s keep these for next year !

I could have updated b2‘s code every 30 minutes.

Billgates could have sponsored $1000 to a charity every 30 minutes.

Jeff K coudl haev maed 1000 typo evrey 30 mintues.

Ukjoe could have had zero effect on our sex life every 30 minutes.

Ev could have been fixing Blogger every damn 30 minutes.

Ian could have talked about the Bee Gees every 30 minutes.

I could have shut my big mouth every 30 minutes.

Clay could have had a BSOD every 30 minutes.

I just settled some details about Ukjoe‘s visit on my island in 2 weeks: we’ll be camping, yay !

Is Dick Cheney Dead Yet could have posted news about Cheney every 30 minutes: “still alive”, “no, not dead”, “he’s dead ! …no I was just joking.”.