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2001 08 29

Scored only 3/12 on the All Look Same test to distinguish Chinese, Japanese, and Korean persons. I lost the ability to recognize asians, but then again all the asians there are from the far-east, so let’s see how you would do if you were asked “is that blue-eyed blond person a Norwegian, Swede, or Islandish person ?”.

So, we’re in a cybercaf? in Bastia, Kwan is uploading new pictures, still there.
I already miss Kwan, she’s going to Nice tomorrow at lunch time. Doh, less than 24 hours. But she’ll be back someday, heh !

Whoa, b2 on DSL connection is so fast :)



2001 08 28

Short update from a friend’s place accross the sea: we survived hitch hiking in 35.5 ?C, successfully camped, both for the first time, and spent yesterday in transportation from Bonifacio to Ajaccio to Sant’Ambroggio, near Calvi.
And now, breakfast and ride to Calvi !
(oh, by the way bathing under the moon is cool, should do it more often)

2001 08 25

Update: there are all the pictures in Corsica (so far, it should be updated again after the end of the trip, I presume). Go see !

And now ladies and gentlemen, the Michel & Kwan Horror Picture Show !

Whoa, looking like a tourist… near the place I used to live in.

C'est bon !
Kwan says “C’est bon” !

yummy corsican food
This is what we ate for lunch today, brocciu&fruits fritters, local specialities.

More later, and pics in high res on Kwan‘s corner.
Amusing detail: tonight’s movie was named “Zero effect”, go figure coincidences…

2001 08 21

Other news include my divorce with HostRocket next month, and the moving of this blog. Maybe I’ll make a “public” version, and will keep a private version elsewhere (to know where, hit this). I’m bored of selfcensoring and lack a place to vent like I used to, before the domain name got known.

I’m also moving the whole site and hostees elsewhere, to a new domain name: tidakada.net. Because I’m really sick of the name dayzero.org.
But most of all I’m sick of HostRocket’s repeated downtime, MySQL failures, and whatnots, including this ‘one domain name only’ rule. I’m moving to Aletia next month. Just keeping dayzero.org up in order for peeps to take their time ad update their links.

It’s pretty exciting to meet someone from the other side of the world, who’s coming to visit in your very country. When you met that someone on the ‘net, and liked their website and then some months later you get to know them, it feels weird (read:great) to meet them.

Tomorrow Kwan‘s arriving in Corsica, and we’ll tour the island. She’s posted a lot of pics from various places she’s been, on her website, and hopefully it won’t be long before you can see cool pics of here (and maybe my ugly mug in a corner of some pics).

As I said, I’m pretty excited.

I’m back. Sorta. Because I’ll be going tomorrow.

I’ve been tired, and sick for the most part, last week. This had made me miss some good coding opportunities, and some time I could have spent outside instead of inside cursing at the bad fate. This is Michel’s holiday curse (R): everytime I take a holiday I’m sick the first days.

2001 08 11

Mozilla – excellent browser.
MozillaQuest – stupid ‘magazine’ supposed to be about Mozilla, ridden with errors, design mistakes, and lies.
MozillaQuestQuest – funny ‘magazine’ about MozillaQuest, making fun of it.

2001 08 10

And the soundtrack of the day is… Massive Attack’s “Be thankful” (old old track).

It’s very funny. d0 used to be the first source of hits for b2, and now b2 is becoming one of d0’s main source of hits.
I shall worship HotScripts.

2001 08 08

I kinda spent yesterday’s evening installing Win2K Pro on two computers. Yes, the whole evening. Thanks to the wonderful initial install of Windows ME (Mischief Edition), it was impossible to do a simple format c: and we had to use tricks to at last format the drive.
I still don’t get why my best friend’s cousin so wants him to install WinME when he could use Win2K and be enjoying true memory management. Oh well. After all it was the cousin who installed the trojan cfgwiz32 on that computer, arguing “it will help your computer run faster” while actually it was just sucking DSL bandwidth since the comp was then used in a botnet. It’s still funny to hear my friend let someone install the trojan, transparently, like it’s a casual thing to do.

2001 08 07

Thursday: Old convent. Sites presentation. Bad ergonomy of the University’s BDLC. Small ‘bug’ found in INFCOR. Lunch @ restaurant behind home. Short attempt @ redesigning adecec.net. Corsican Language Day. Boredom. Walks in the nature around. Blackberries orgy. People arriving. Band testing the mics. People arriving in mass. Old friend recognized me. Enjoying concert with her. Her in the background congratulating the singers. Invitation to her swimming pool someday. Drinking the last hours of the night with anonymous people, boss, neighbour, and a singer.
Friday: Back on track. Sleepy. Got the afternoon off. Scheduled release of b2 v0.5 but too tired for it.
Saturday: Last code tidbits on the hotel’s site. Got paid for it, at last.
Saturday night: Cat Gribouille walks around the house, has kitties. Lots of stress. Bad amateur band playing @ restaurant behind home until 4 for very small audience. Forced to sleep on the sofa.
Sunday: At parents’, taking bi-weekly dose of TV.
Monday: At parents’. Insane pleasure of waking up late. 2 hours at the beach. Fresh wind, fresh water. Went well with hot sun. Not much people on the beach. Fun. Lacked salt on my skin. Back home. Mother taking kitties in a plastic bag: one less matter. Sister spending 2 nights and a day at home.

Next sunday: fun @ swimming pool ? Hopefully.

Mind out of service for days. Too many Syntax Errors. [Bug: fixed]
Must get girlfriend on phone. No need, just want. [Bug status: still trying, still trying, please continue to hold… the person you are calling is not available at this time. Please try again later.]

2001 08 01

I hate showing websites to non-webby people. Tomorrow will be the Corsican Language Day, organized by our association, and as a part of the event, the association’s website and the new official website of a legendary Corsican band will be presented to the public (that is, to those who haven’t visited them yet…). Also our famous Corsican Language database will be queried by the public.

The general public is very annoying: it doesn’t know how the page is displayed but it always finds a way to stumble on the only bug you forgot/didnthavethetime to fix. Or they find their way to old ’99 non-redesigned files, while you’ve been wondering if these files still existed.
And who gets all the reproach in the end ? The webmaster of course. That is to say, me. Oh please make tomorrow be friday already.

It’s official, the combination of some ASUS motherboard, an AGP videocard, and Windows Mischief Edition, is a virus. And we’ll spend the whole morning fixing the office’s main PC.
If all goes well, I’ll have a bi-P3 750 motherboard + 512+MB SDRAM + Win2K by next week there, instead of a poor P3 450, 320MB, and WinME. You gotta love the way the material is always swapping from pc to pc over there. I sure do.