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2002 12 20

spam the blogosphere

My blogging ecosystem (and that of many other bloggers) has been link-spammed! With display:none!
Now, good luck on writing a parser that can stop that spam trick.

2002 12 19

browse in the mud

Using my sister’s boyfriend’s computer during my short stay in Paris, brought me back to the days when I coped with terrible font rendering in Mozilla just because I didn’t have that good ole Xft.

Actually, the lack of Xft is only a real problem on pages that use the Georgia font.
Suddenly, the webpages look like they’re part of a medieval fantasy mud. I’m reading Davezilla’s adventures with Reindeer DNA, and the fonts I see are mixing the post with mud thoughts just because they look like bad witch writing.

There are 5 Orcs, 2 Dark Elfs, and 1 Hungry Weblogger behind the permalink. Will you click the permalink? Y/N

I see shapes of green, red roses too

Via Mark‘s “What is RSS?” (which makes a good job at unmystifying the several flavours of RSS, from the example feed of which I gathered the URL that I’m just about to write about, and which makes a rather longish parenthesis), SVG’s Past and Promising Future: where we learn that the SVG craze is only beginning and that a new SVG plugin from Corel is on its way.
I just tested the plugin, it works fine (even in Mozilla if you copy NPViewerPlugin.dll in your plugins directory) as long as the SVG material is contained in a .svg file. A bit limitating, especially when you’d like to mix SVG with XHTML.
Of course, no non-Windows versions have been announced so far, so us Microsoft-free folks will have to wait for Alexander Fritze’s work on Mozilla SVG to be done. Then, there will likely be opensource solutions based on that Mozilla SVG code, and SVG could finally be a free format. We’ll see it bloom for me and you, and we’ll think to ourselves, what a wonderful world.

2002 12 17

french webloggers exist, I met them!

Last Sunday evening, I multiplied by 20 the number of webloggers I met.
That is, I met about 20 froggy bloggers at the latest FrogLog dinner; and I used to know only one, non-froggy blogger.
So, I met that nice girl climbs to the stars, a very nice ex-princess, a fierce webstandards crusader, a just-as-fierce mammoth slayer, a fun meta-blogger, our host who-randomly-uses-question-marks, a supafly, and many many many other nice people. I couldn’t link them all, and much to my regret I haven’t been introduced to some attendees.
Edit: I also met MY FAN!!!

been busy

This past month’s been hectic to say the least. Unfortunately, there isn’t much to say here, except that I’m still jobless and considering a giant murder party where I’d mercilessly slaughter and behead most recruiters I have met so far, who thought they could get away with making me code crazy stuff for minimal wage. More about that would be rambling.