yes, it’s about time

WordPress 1.2 is out, at last.

We’ve added so much stuff, it’s almost like a 2.0 version, except that your 1.0 templates should still work. Among my favorite new features are the plugin API, the pinging services overhaul, and the new permalinks (remember to update your .htaccess), especially the one for trackback: you just add ‘/trackback’ to the permalink and voilà, you got a trackback link.

Matt has done a great job coordinating the developers team, handling user feedback, and adding cool stuff. He’s the Batman of blogging, and we devs have been a bunch of Robins.

I shall upgrade soon and in the process move to a new domain name (yes, again! but this time it’s shorter), which should fix a bunch of issues on this blog.

5 responses

  1. intraordinary
    intraordinary » yes, it’s about time. “We’ve added so much stuff, it’s almost like a 2.0 version, except that your 1.0 templates should still work.”

    #1 Photo Matt2004/05/22 at 21:57

  2. Wordpress 1.2…

    #2 randomWalks flux2004/05/23 at 17:41

  3. Great job !

    #3 Polykrate2004/05/24 at 10:05

  4. The Next Big Thing In Blogging Software
    John Hiler has an excellent article on
    blogware at Microcontent News that has some good information about the history
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    #4 Ben's Blog2004/06/28 at 10:03

  5. Mingus is awesome, I switched from MT and loving it.

    #5 WColby2004/08/04 at 10:19

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