Stop reading right now. Look at your desktop. How many tasks are you working besides reading this weblog? More than 10? You’ve got N.A.D.D.

I’m afraid I got N.A.D.D.: as I’m typing this post I’m also typing a reply to an email, doing some PHP, following five concurrent IM/IRC conversations, reorganising files in my /home directory, learning how to fine tune my Exim .forward file to filter spam on the serverside, cussing at Exim, planting needles into voodoo dolls representing the developers of Exim, trying to use an FTP client before the connection times out, listening to some Morcheeba, and undressing.

What are you doing at the moment?

3 responses

  1. easy answer: I have 10 open workspaces, and my pager shows one window or more in each one. And yes, I do use all my 10 workspaces :)

    #1 mat — 2004/05/17 at 2:43

  2. I’ve got 3 terminals openned, once with 10 pseudo terms (screen power) via ssh on some box somewhere in my network, one on my server, and one other on my gateway. 3 running iChat sessions, 6 safari tabs, reypling a mail. With lot of noise around me. So I guess I’m a NADDer :)

    #2 L. R.2004/05/17 at 14:51

  3. Silence complet. Viens de mettre un café chauffer, fini mon yaourt nature ou, pour une fois, j’ai rajouté du sucre. Viens de manger une fraise. Firefox ouvert avec seulement 3 onglets (dont 2 pour intraordinaire). Mozilla Mail en veilleuse et c’est tout. Je suis minimaliste ce soir on dirait :-)

    #3 Emmanuel2004/05/26 at 23:34

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