revue de presse

Fictitious IRC snippet:

bunch of cheapocommies, $100 is barely the price of a good dinner
you rich buffoon!
MT was only free enough anyway, I switch
welcome slashdot visitors!
stop putting words in our mouth, ffs

( In other, unrelated news, Undernet is upping the nickname length limit from 9 to 12 characters. )

one response

  1. I had a laugh reading the prices DW mentions for his eating and taxi in Geneva. That guy certainly lives the posh way! I can get a good dinner here for a LOT less than $100… I think I’ve never even spent as much as $100 on a good meal out! (I won’t even comment on the taxi — can’t imagine where he was driving for that price.)

    #1 Steph2004/05/15 at 13:01

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