tag, you’re it

Just a quick, Nth re-run of the old TagifyThis, except this time it comes as a WordPress 1.2 plugin and has been renamed (‘TagifyThis’ sounded too bland).

Tag, You’re It (copy in your favorite text-editor, save in wp-content/plugins/)

2 responses

  1. I love this plugin — very handy for far more than acronyms!

    It doesn’t work properly in WP 2.0.4 however. On my main page, it works fine for the first post on the page, and on each later post it throws an error saying that the md5() function is expecting a string but being given an array.

    Have you found a fix for this? I would love to be able to use this! :)

    #1 Stephen Rider2006/09/17 at 16:59

  2. You can fix it like this:
    1. Change $tagyoureit_list to $tagyoureit_list_memory at line 27 (variable name that carries acronyms inside)
    2. Change $tagyoureit_list to $tagyoureit_list_memory at line 87 (global variables definition at start of function)
    3. Add after line 87 another line:
    $tagyoureit_list = $tagyoureit_list_memory;

    It is just something with looping with each post, and not renewing info about acronyms :)

    #2 Deele2008/08/14 at 0:47

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