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How does one spend each day blogging about blogging?
Are there newspaper dedicated to other newspapers’ attics? “Exclusive, you read it here first: the New York Post switches to new ink producer!”, is that interesting to anyone?

5 responses

  1. Certainly. editorandpublisher.com

    #1 Phil Ringnalda2004/06/13 at 18:41

  2. My friend always says about Mark Pilgrim: “I don’t get that guy. All he freaking does is blog about blogging.”

    #2 Steven Canfield2004/06/13 at 20:57

  3. Phil, you got me there. I forgot about industry-specific newspapers, and how blogs-about-blogging are quite an equivalent to them.

    Steven, while I’m a little bored with blogging about blogging, I’m mainly bored with the boring blogs-about-blogging.
    Mark’s blog is not boring, but others are that just linger all day long on how blog X added a links section, how blog Y said something about some insignificant subject, how blog Z is a quality blog that you shouldn’t miss… all that without any added commentary or even a trace of an opinion.

    #3 michel v — 2004/06/14 at 3:42

  4. onanisme ? ;)

    #4 karl2004/06/30 at 23:02

  5. What does it matter.

    #5 Rajan K — 2005/03/29 at 17:33

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