G is for emergency

Quick note: for some unknown reasons, the email address I have used for three years hasn’t worked since 8:00.
If you sent anything to this address today, please send your message again to my emergency Gmail address, michelv@youknowwhichdomainname. Sorry for the inconvenience.

My usual email address is now active again.

In other news, I changed the permalinks structure on this blog just to get monthly archive links working. Fear not the breakage, old permalinks still work.
There’s still this language cookie problem, it shall get fixed once and for all once I redesign and rewrite a ton of stuff, soon.

5 responses

  1. Not sure if this is linked to the above, but clicking “In English” in on any permalinked entry translates it, but clicking on it on the front page does nothing. Also, I assumed the link just translated the bio, rather than the entry…

    #1 Aquarion2004/06/14 at 20:39

  2. Having played a bit, it looks like it only affects anything if there’s a translation available. If you click “(en français ?)” when there is only an english version, neither the entry (obviously) nor the bio change, and vice versa for french only items. Also, which go into the RSS feed? How does it know which way to jump?

    #2 Aquarion2004/06/14 at 20:41

  3. En espérant que tu ais bien reçu mes courriels sur GMail….

    #3 Laurent2004/06/14 at 22:31

  4. (Hummm… on dirait qu’il y a un petit problème d’encodage quelque part…)

    #4 Laurent2004/06/14 at 22:32

  5. Le problème d’encodage est idiot, j’utilise utf8_encode par défaut et juste après l’avoir mis en place je me suis aperçu qu’il encodait même quand la chaine était déjà en utf8. Ca sera rêglé dans une minute ou deux.

    #5 michel v — 2004/06/14 at 23:22

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