geek dating tips

You’re sitting at this coffee table with your laptop, when suddenly you notice this nice woman accross the room, apparently chatting via IM or IRC on her laptop. You want to just get up and start having a conversation with her, but you’re the shy geek type. What can you do?
Leverage your geekdom! Whip up a script to sniff the WiFi network for her IM screenname or IRC nickname, then just instant-message/query her! Somehow, she’ll be surprised and amazed and accept a date with you.

Sounds impossible or just too geeky to be real?
It is not. Kevin Burton often gets first dates that way at his local Wi-Fi-enabled café, and other like-minded geeks just crack the code to romance aswell.

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    #1 norbert2004/06/12 at 2:37

  2. Why, thanks for caring. I do have a life, it says “hello and please drop the caps”.
    Funny that this “get a life” comment comes from someone who does dedicate a webpage to Unix stuff, and has an actual screenshot of an empty terminal window. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! :)

    #2 michel v — 2004/06/12 at 2:50

  3. Interesting concept :) I’ll have to remember that when I’m chatting at the local cafe!

    #3 NetChick2004/06/19 at 5:12

  4. If some guy actually bothered to take the time to do such a thing for me, you better believe I’d accept the invitation. :P That’s such a charming concept. :)

    #4 Niki — 2005/10/28 at 4:21