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2004 09 13

je saurai mercredi

Le lundi 21 juin dernier, je flippais. Je ne devais savoir que le mercredi suivant.
Aujourd’hui lundi 13 septemble, je flippe. Je ne saurai que mercredi prochain.
(En attendant, je me contente de croiser les doigts pour elle, pour lui, pour Elle, et pour …ah non, pas de Lui dans ma vie.)

Today I talk about Michael Jackson to u!!!!!!!

Boog wrote a text generator in Perl, that somehow took a life of its own and started blogging. The result is I am learn, a weblog that reads very much like a teenage girl learning English.
Learn talks about a different subject everyday, like Michael Jackson, other webloggers and dirty pics.
(via why the lucky stiff)

2004 09 11

bloogie all night long

Groundbreaking revelatory study reveals 29% of bloggers are losers. (via naladahc)

“There is no way that 29% of us are losers. That’s bullshit and I’m going to blog all night to set the record straight!” — Mitch Loveless, blogger

In other dorky news, and if it that makes me part of the 29% blogging losers then so be it, I could totally buy a Pokia DJ Convoy, if only for the CB mic.
Or just stay humble, and buy a simple Pokia handsfree kit, preferably the Hotline model.