ma feuille de style va très bien, merci

Puhleeze stop e-mailing/telling me that there’s a problem with my stylesheet. There just is no stylesheet here anymore for the time being.
The reason is quite absurd: weeks ago I promised I would get back to blogging once I’d redesign this blog, so when I blogged again and the blog still had the same face, it felt like a broken promise. So there’s no stylesheet anymore until I actually get the time and inspiration to write a new one.

In other news, I’m just back from a mini-conference about blogs and journalism organised by Six Apart.
I feared it would be a “buy some Typepad” fest geared towards journalists who don’t know better, but it turned out alright. Nothing ground-breaking for the few veteran bloggers in the room, but a fine way to show journalists that they needn’t fear The Blog (they will be eventually assimilated anyway).
Heck, it even turned out bloggable. Or at least the conversations we had around drinks after the talks, did.

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    #1 Xavier — 2004/12/08 at 9:35

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