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2005 02 27

mutt for thunderbird users

mutt for Thunderbird users (works for Evolution too) : very handy guide for when your GUI mailer gets foobared or the only way to check your e-mail is an ssh session.

afghan venus

Vénus Afghane.
Contrasts much with the other Venus sculptures in Michel Dejos’s gallery.

2005 02 26

your special delivery

E-mail was never designed as a guaranteed delivery medium“, says a security consultant who doesn’t seem to care that customers start losing e-mail as the result of new braindead antispam rules (basically if it comes from Europe or China, it’s spam).
Users should simply get used to losing e-mail, says the article.

In the meanwhile, customers of Bank of America banks should see tapes holding account information get lost too.

2005 02 24

congratulations, you’re a sociopath!

Congratulations; You’re a sociopath.
— It feels kinda good.”

2005 02 23

HOWTO Spot a Wannabe Web Standards Advocate

HOWTO Spot a Wannabe Web Standards Advocate (via).
How many times per week do you have to explain that <em> is not a replacement for <i>?

roadmap IE7

Plutôt qu’une roadmap du marketing IE, j’aurais aimé avoir une roadmap IE tout court.

Laurent Denis

2005 02 22

du racisme anti-corse et de son origine dans les médias

Parce qu’il y a des racismes qui ne font la Une d’aucun journal : Lettre ouverte de la Maison de la Corse au Garde des Sceaux.

Petit rappel des faits:

  • Février 2004, le président de la Maison de la Corse de l’Île de France est l’invité de Laurent Ruquier dans On a tout essayé, une émission qui prend vite la tournure d’une farce grotesque digne des interventions du Club Positiviste. France2 aurait même dépêché dans de petits villages corses, une équipe de faux bagnards et de faux policiers pour tourner en caméra cachée une illustration de l’hospitalité corse envers les bandits. (Il me semble que le CSA attend encore les excuses de France Télévision.)
  • Suite à cette émission, le siège de la Maison de la Corse est victime d’agressions et autres actes de vandalisme.
  • 7 Décembre 2004, l’auteur “présumé” (des insultes et des dégradations en public au son de “Sales corses on va vous renvoyer chez vous”) d’un de ces actes racistes se justifie devant la Cour: “On sait bien que tous les corses sont des racistes !” Aucun magistrat ne réagit (source: Corse Matin, 12 décembre), à croire que c’est une évidence.

Et pendant ce temps là, seul le Corse Matin (et différents lecteurs du Nouvel Obs dans le cadre d’un débat sur le racisme en général) semble avoir parlé de tout ça.
Et la thèse du Corse raciste fait son petit bonhomme de chemin dans la tête du Français moyen, tranquillement. Un peu comme celle du complot juif naguère (qui, grâce à la mode vintage, fait un come-back remarqué dans le tout Paris).

Enfin, c’est peut être rassurant de penser que les gros euros de redevance de mon coloc servent à payer le silence (au mieux) et la manipulation télévisuelle raciste (au pire).
Et c’est peut être encore plus rassurant de savoir que dans la lutte contre ce racisme, SOS Racisme ne nous aidera jamais: invité d’RCFM en octobre dernier, leur président déclare en substance qu’il ne peut y avoir de racisme anti-corse, “puisque le peuple corse n’existe pas”.
Et allez, pour finir, rappelons les récents propos du MRAP, qui parle de “logique d’épuration ethnique” à propos du surplus d’agressions racistes de 2004 (surplus en parti artificiel, vues les méthodes de comptage employées).

J’aimerais rappeler à ces chers messieurs-dames donneurs de leçons du MRAP, d’SOS Racisme, et de nos chers médias français dont l’objectivité n’a d’égale que l’honnêteté, que pendant la seconde guerre mondiale aucun juif ne fut déporté de Corse, et qu’ici (ou devrais-je dire là bas, puisque je clapotte à Pariggi) le FN ne fait pas 20% des voix.
À bon entendeur, saluti.

2005 02 21

an indian in a pocket

MiniApache (via) is a lightweight webserver in the same vein as lighttpd.
On the plus side, a minuscule config file (4 KB) and a purportedly light footprint.
On the minus side, the config file includes AddDefaultCharset iso-8859-1 (vewy bad), and it only runs on Windows NT/2k/XP systems.

incremental updates

  • Switched to the Kubrick theme because 1.5’s Classic wouldn’t load comments on mini posts (surely an issue with the MiniPosts plugin).
  • Found out wp_title() misses a filter hook for everything but titles, that is why category pages sport unlovely [fr]titres[/fr][en]titles[/en].
  • Fixed the site’s content-type.
  • Installed Referrer Karma. If you ever have to click through to get to this blog, please notify me so I can whitelist you.
  • Added RewriteRules so that old old old permalinks work again.
  • Activated my soon to be released tags plugin. That’s where the “Tags:” lines and the Tags list on the right are from. I still need to make tags appear in the feeds, and support tags additions in URIs.


omigod the terrar!

a screenshot of Terrarsharp, aka how paranoiac do you want to be today

I feel secure now that I know how to fine tune my paranoia level.
Thank you, TerrarSharp. Because Linux users need bullshit apps too.

2005 02 20

make sexconfig

Linux Sex Positions: taking the `unzip ; strip ; touch ; finger ; mount ; fsck ; more ; yes ; umount ; sleep` approach to a more visual level.

2005 02 15

RDBMS from Hell

Bad luck is:

  1. seeing Firefox suddenly decide to send a form’s content as UTF-8 when it has always sent it as ISO8859-1 (the target database’s encoding),
  2. seeing the UTF-8 version of ô is ô when seen as ISO8859-1,
  3. finding out MSSQL Server 6.5 chokes on ´ when you try to update the field to remove the offending double byte text,
  4. wondering just why the previous text appears in the SQL query at all,
  5. realising you have no control over neither the remote SQL Server nor the scripts that process the form (it’s f***ing bytecode in there!).

Suffice to say that I’m tempted to hack the server, provoke a crash or something, and then sell a solution based on free software. It’s just too bloody frustrating to work with antiquated proprietary shit.

2005 02 14

there are one million and three hundred thousand flowers on the internet

A comparison of image searches on Google, MSN, Altavista, AllTheWeb, PicSearch, and A9.

Dew searches for “flowers”, and its french translation “fleurs” on each search engine, counts the results and the dead links among them, rates the results’ pertinence, the search engine’s ergonomy and its speed to display images from its cache.
A commenter talks about Devilfinder, which claims it’s searching for images on Google. When I tried it, the top search results were very similar to Altavista’s and much unlike Google’s. Confusing.

One thing seems certain though: there are less than two millions “flowers” on the internet.
Is there one for you today?

2005 02 13

anagram interview: Matt Mullenweg

This is entirely fictional. Answers are made from rearranging the letters in the interviewee’s name.
(The concept is from davezilla.)

Michel: Matt, you seem crazy about opensource, can you tell us just how crazy?
Matt Mullenweg: Well, me “GNU Matt!”

Michel: Some say you’ve got superhero-like coding abilities, where do they come from?
Matt Mullenweg: Well, mutant gem.

Michel: Ahah, you can’t be serious! Could be thanks to your diet? What would you suggest?
Matt Mullenweg: Guttle new malm.

Michel: A little off-topic, how would you explain Georges W. Bush’s popularity in Texas?
Matt Mullenweg: W? mullet magnet!

Michel: Indeed! By the way, which neocon was it again, on that redneck magazine cover?
Matt Mullenweg: Mullet Mag? Newt.

Michel: I heard you listened to sad emo music lately? This can’t be!?
Matt Mullenweg: Let me want glum!

Michel: Any message to HauntedUnix, about the #wordpress regulars who haven’t sent their mug shots to yet?
Matt Mullenweg: Tell ’em “Want mug!”

2005 02 09

Rainbow Batman

Punching villains while attending Gotham City Pride Parade: Rainbow Batman!

Die, WordPress, die!

This has got to be the most useless WordPress plugin ever: activate it and your blog is toast.
That’s all it does.
Quickly whipped up after some frustration with WP 1.5’s plugin hooks (guys, we badly need internal docs, or at the very least, informative comments). The definition of “die” is from Elbert Hubbard.


Plugin Name: Die, WordPress, die!
Plugin URI: http://zengun.org/weblog/archives/2005/02/die-wordpress-die
Description: Blog-suicide is painless.
Version: 1.0
Author: Michel Valdrighi
Author URI: http://zengun.org/weblog/

die('<dl><dt><b>Die</b></dt><dd>v.: To stop sinning suddenly.</dd></dl>');


2005 02 06

How To Cook An Omelette (and not be a drama queen about it)

If Matt Haughey can’t cook an omelette with a chestnut roasting pan, then indeed nobody can cook omelettes (via) at all.

So, last wednesday on the way to ParisCarnet, the monthly parisian bloggers meetup, François Nonnenmacher told me about MovableType’s handling of TrackBacks.
If you’ve never used MT before, you’re in for a shock or two. (I was shocked myself, since the last time I used MT was years ago, circa version 1.4, and at the time I didn’t even check the functionnalities. I was already happy that I managed to install it.)

Apparently, when you use MT and your blog receives a TrackBack:

  • the notification does not tell you on which post it was made,
  • you can not edit or delete the TrackBack

The second point had me laughing. “So basically we end up deleting editing them using phpMyAdmin”, Laurent added. I wonder how those who use MT’s file-based database do; maybe they’re just screwed.

If Joe Jenett can’t cook an omelette with a chestnut roasting pan, then Joe Jenett cooks chestnuts instead.

I seriously hope someone is coming up with an MT plugin for PingBack (and not just for MT, mind you, I’d love to see more blogwares implement PingBack aswell). At the very least, this would make Joe Jenett’s blog interoperable with other blogwares, since he chose to go with a mechanism that mimics what most implementations of PingBack do.
Because it’s just very annoying to input an URL manually.

If Shelley Powers can’t cook an omelette despite having easy access to a frypan, then Shelley becomes a veggie.

Or really, everyone could just use the right ustensil to cook omelette accept TrackBacks: a frypan WordPress, and then sprinkle with salt to stop worrying about trackback spam ever again.
(Now if we could just fix the remaining bugs and quirks and release WordPress 1.5…)

Update: I’ve just been told you can delete (but not edit or moderate) TrackBacks in MT, and that the notification does tell you on which posts TrackBacks were made. Looks like with age, my memory is starting to fail me; or maybe it was just the alcohol. I still keep to my chestnut roasting pan analogy, if only for the lack of any sensible moderation option for TrackBacks.

2005 02 04

I ate the iPod Shuffle

So icy smooth, so creamy white,
It applesauced my appetite.

I ate the iPod Shuffle

2005 02 03

la flemme de l’espoir

Désespérer, c’est entretenir la flemme de l’espoir.

pantomimons avec le démon

Comment-à, me direz-vous ? Rien de plus aisé.
Téléchargeons leahhttpd (via), choisissons où goudronner dans notre annuaire, et construisons notre acolyte sobre du jour, le démon.
Une fois le démon prêt, il ne nous reste plus qu’à rechercher parmi l’excédent les directives de pantomimes.
Et hop, qui mime me suive !