Die, WordPress, die!

This has got to be the most useless WordPress plugin ever: activate it and your blog is toast.
That’s all it does.
Quickly whipped up after some frustration with WP 1.5’s plugin hooks (guys, we badly need internal docs, or at the very least, informative comments). The definition of “die” is from Elbert Hubbard.


Plugin Name: Die, WordPress, die!
Plugin URI: http://zengun.org/weblog/archives/2005/02/die-wordpress-die
Description: Blog-suicide is painless.
Version: 1.0
Author: Michel Valdrighi
Author URI: http://zengun.org/weblog/

die('<dl><dt><b>Die</b></dt><dd>v.: To stop sinning suddenly.</dd></dl>');


8 responses

  1. this is cool hahaa

    #1 ZEO — 2005/02/09 at 4:26

  2. A little SQL would make that extra effective.

    #2 Matt2005/02/09 at 9:46

  3. Using presentational html code!!! Shame on you!

    #3 Michael Ward2005/02/09 at 10:25

  4. Matt: Indeed, but I would take no responsibility for damages caused by a DELETE statement, while I’d happily welcome responsibility for die()ing pages. :)
    Michael: There are uses for presentationnal markup: this case is one of them. To make text bold without any meaning, using <b> is perfectly fine; using <strong> would be an error because you would be relying on the general rendering of <strong>, which is but may not always be bold.

    #4 michel v2005/02/09 at 20:22

  5. […] zengun (feu intraordinary) 2005/02/09 Die, WordPress, die! Filed under: WordPress — michel v @ 1:09 […]

    #5 zengun (feu intraordinary) » Die, WordPress, die!2005/02/10 at 1:22

  6. Heh, I like the fact that there wouldn’t be much of a way to turn it off :D

    #6 Jeff Minard2005/02/10 at 6:16

  7. I can’t seem to get this plugin to work. Is it for WP 1.2.x or WP 1.5? Thanks!

    #7 Navid Azimi2005/02/15 at 0:16

  8. That of course was a sarcastic reply because after hosting two rather popular plugins the bombardment of questions I get which are specifically outlined on the website get asked. Only proving that people seldom read on the Internet.

    #8 Navid Azimi2005/02/15 at 0:39

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