incremental updates

  • Switched to the Kubrick theme because 1.5’s Classic wouldn’t load comments on mini posts (surely an issue with the MiniPosts plugin).
  • Found out wp_title() misses a filter hook for everything but titles, that is why category pages sport unlovely [fr]titres[/fr][en]titles[/en].
  • Fixed the site’s content-type.
  • Installed Referrer Karma. If you ever have to click through to get to this blog, please notify me so I can whitelist you.
  • Added RewriteRules so that old old old permalinks work again.
  • Activated my soon to be released tags plugin. That’s where the “Tags:” lines and the Tags list on the right are from. I still need to make tags appear in the feeds, and support tags additions in URIs.


2 responses

  1. Tag plugin?? Can’t wait to test it!

    #1 R@lf2005/02/21 at 23:05

  2. Awesome layout of your site, I was curious if you would ever create some sort of template? I am using wordpress, but nothing matches your style.. Thanks

    #2 Allen2005/09/05 at 5:05

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