outline Billie Jean

Because you need to remember only the important details, I outlined Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean for you:

  • Things she was more like:
    • a beauty queen from a movie scene
  • Things she told me:
    • “I am the one, who will dance on the floor in the round.”
    • her name
      • Billie Jean
    • that I am the one
  • Things mother and people always told me:
    • being careful of what I’m doing
      • failure to do so could cause a lie to become the truth
    • not going around breaking young girls’ hearts
    • being careful of who I love
  • Things Billie Jean is:
    • not my lover
    • just a girl who claims that I am the one
  • Number of days during which the law was on her side:
    • forty
  • Things Billie Jean did:
    • told my baby we’d danced (on the floor, in the round) till three
    • looked at me
    • showed a photo
  • Things my baby did:
    • cry
  • My strong advice:
    • just remember to always think twice

See other outlined songs (via).

4 responses

  1. too damn funny. :)

    #1 La2005/03/30 at 18:46

  2. […] t. Man, that must have been a really tough decision. Return of the Mac Taste for Makers outline Billie Jean Morning Thoughts TiVo Pop-Up Ads Are Huge The Power […]

    #2 alexking.org: Blog > Around the web2005/04/03 at 18:17

  3. I like him michael Jackson singer word Billie Jean my heart
    I like dance moonwalk by you miss you
    fan club
    JUlie Alexander
    in kamlooops b.C.

    #3 JUlie Alexander2006/09/05 at 4:42

  4. I’ll be Mike’s friend forever and ever.
    He’s only one who i can believe.
    I like him so much…

    #4 Hong Thao Nguyen2006/10/18 at 13:19

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