not getting things done

There is something seriously wrong with buying a copy of Getting Things Done and then proceed to procrastine on reading it.

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  1. I did the exact same thing! Some parts are pretty dry and/or business focused.

    #1 Matt2005/04/04 at 12:34

  2. Kinda the reason why I’m not buying it… yet :)

    #2 XiBe — 2005/04/04 at 13:46

  3. […] ndicator(1113156210); Posted in: General not getting things done – I’ve been reading a chapter at a […]

    #3 alexking.org: Blog > Around the web2005/04/10 at 21:03

  4. I did the same thing.

    #4 Edward O'Connor2005/04/13 at 0:54

  5. You should really give it a try, its not bad stuff :) There are a number of websites that post useful pointers and such as well.

    #5 Andreas2005/04/22 at 20:31

  6. I took out a speedreading book forgot about it went back to renew it. The librian looked at kinda funny ;-)

    #6 Goblin2005/04/24 at 4:50

  7. Just the idea of someone telling me to get stuff done makes me want to procrastinate. The best piece of advice for getting stuff done I ever got was this: Plan on spending on 15 minutes on a task, especially an overwhelming or boring one. Setting a timer is helpful. Once you get past 10 minutes, I guarantee you you’ll want to keep working at it until it’s complete.

    #7 Mary B.2005/05/07 at 20:22

  8. I don’t read about getting things done – I don’t have enough time so I just go ahead and do the damn things. (If you wondered, I arrived at this webpage by accident.) Kind regards from Hong Kong, Robert.

    #8 Robert L.2006/01/31 at 6:52

  9. I’m currently reading about people taking time to do what really matters to them and Not Getting Things Done. Works for me

    #9 Steve M2007/10/12 at 4:02

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