from Corsica with love (part one)

I bought the postcard, now I have to write the words.
I left the country, there’s a chance you might have heard.

Stina Nordenstam, From Cayman Islands with love

mur orange dans la Citadelle

ici, la misère du continent

moo. brains...

monsieur, vous savez jouer au ballon, alors !

yellow window

5 responses

  1. Yhis is just a comment

    #1 test2005/06/08 at 17:29

  2. Hi, I stumbled randomly on this page and really liked your photography. I also like the way the pictures are incorporated in the blog. I take pictures too, just for fun, and I wanted to upload some of them on my blog. But I am just a beginner with word press and am not sure how to do it. How did you upload yours? Can you help? Thank you!

    #2 Eli — 2005/06/15 at 23:51

  3. beautiful! :)

    #3 Kitty2005/06/18 at 5:59

  4. nice pix; if you want more on Corsica, go to http://www.corsica-isula.com!

    #4 Will2005/07/11 at 21:17

  5. Living is great

    Of course it is

    What else did you think?

    #5 ezgi — 2006/03/06 at 22:25

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