outsourced, not outwitted

Hilarious take on outsourcing on the Daily Show.

“Just explain to me why my Airport Extreme has no floppy drive.
— Hold on one moment please Mr Colbert, I’m going to check your warranty.
— What an accent is that, are you Scottish?
— I am… from… Nebraska.”

See also: My Outsourced Life.

3 responses

  1. Hilarious indeed… Btw, that’s not the Daily Show: it’s Steven Colbert’s own spinoff, the obviously named “Colbert Report” that recently started airing on Comedy Central.

    Need I precise those two are the two only things you need to watch to keep in tune with American news ;-)

    #1 dr Dave2005/11/01 at 16:35

  2. belles photos merci

    #2 Anonymous — 2005/11/02 at 10:32

  3. dr Dave: and I originally wrote that it was the Tonight Show, hah!

    M/Mlle Anonyme : merci. :)

    #3 michel v — 2005/11/02 at 11:27

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