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2005 12 31

2005 je t’aime

2005 je t'aime

When I look back, I think I’ve had a very good year 2005.

How was your 2005?

2005 12 28

broken tooth

broken tooth

ashes to ashes, rust to rust

ashes to ashes, rust to rust

Old Harbour Invaders

Old Harbour Invaders

Never thought I would stumble on a Space Invader at the Old Harbour in Bastia…

2005 12 26

Citadel at dusk

Citadel at dusk

Bastia’s Citadel at dusk, as seen from the old harbour.

la jetée

la jetée

Philippe’s clementine

Philippe's clementine

Philippe is a gardener who spent most of his vacation time fishing near Bastia’s old harbour.

Bastia’s clementine

Bastia's clementine

2005 12 24

merry stuff!

I’m happily getting bored out of my head livin’ it up in Corsica, after I almost got stuck in Marseilles for a night (prepare one long hour and a half of transit, see Air France make your first plane get one long hour and twenty minutes late, and then see Air France forget your luggage too!).

So yeah, seaside, celebrations, pictures to upload, etc.

Merry stuff!

Except Air France and those who allow the company to have a monopoly on the Paris-Bastia link. I hereby invite these people to suck cocks in hell.

2005 12 16

geek pr0n

Geek Pr0n 2.0. Nicely lit nudes …with hardware. (And if you missed it, v1.0.)

2005 12 14


The motives behind the WikiPedia class action lawsuit just got clearer: apparently WikiPedia endorses pedophilia:

It has come to the attention of the Parents for the Online Safety of Children (POSC) that there is a underground cabal of pedophiles who edit WikiPedia, trying to make WikiPedia a distribution center for pedophile propaganda.

Alfred Cunningham, Who Is Editing Your Children’s Encyclopedia?

…and communism:

Another WikiPedia admin, by the name of Schissel, thanks Zanthalon for uploading an image. Schissel also has a curious looking red star on his WikiPedia profile.

(Emphasis mine.)
I hear they sacrifice and eat children too.

2005 12 13

cheese sandwiching, now with added insight

See? You thought an entry about such a banal subject was going to be dull, didn’t you? And here you are, getting a valuable insight into my twisted and fractured psychology. Aren’t you _oh_ so lucky?

Aquarion, on shaving

Dean Gray Tuesday

It’s Dean Gray Tuesday: if you like Green Day, if you like mashups, then quickly grab American Edit!
(Dr Who on Holiday, St Jimmy the Prankster, Novocaine Rhapsody and Impossible Rebel have been on repeat for a good two weeks here.)

2005 12 12

anagram interview: Ben Metcalfe

Michel Valdrighi: Good morning Ben, and thanks for coming. We’ll talk about this week’s hot topic, what happened between Mena Trott and you at Les Blogs 2.0. What happened exactly?
Ben Metcalfe: Mena bet clef.

Michel Valdrighi: What did she do, to bet on 6A’s communication plan?
Ben Metcalfe: Flame Ben, etc.

Michel Valdrighi: How did it feel?
Ben Metcalfe: Ben felt mace!

Michel Valdrighi: I’m surprised you didn’t react more strongly to her flaming…
Ben Metcalfe: Bean f****** lect me!

Michel Valdrighi: Oi, you can stop trepignating now, it’s over isn’t it?
Ben Metcalfe: Calm feet, Ben.

Michel Valdrighi: Any last words about Les Blogs 2.0?
Ben Metcalfe: Ben came, left.

Disclaimer: This is entirely fictional. Answers were made from rearranging the letters in the interviewee’s name. (The concept is from davezilla.) Answers also take some freedom with what Ben Metcalfe actually said.

2005 12 09

Winer shuts down comments, gives birth to blogosphere!

PS: You can, sometimes, leave comments on my blog. But I had the first comments on a blog, and it was great for a while, but then it turned into a constant cesspool of whining wiener boys. They drowned out the interesting stuff. I decided they could start their own blogs, and they did, and now we have a blogosphere.

He Who Shall Not Be Named, in which he calls Ben Metcalfe a coward

(Emphasis mine.)

And just for the record, being called an asshole in front of a crowd of 400 influential people, and managing to reply in a civil manner to avoid one of the two parties to look like a fool, does not a coward make, in my book.
Ironic that this is coming from a troll who’s been known to delete posts before the end of the day when they backfire at him.


Despite strolling around barefooted, I’m not dead yet.
Lots of socialising these last few days, four sets of pictures to flickr (or to riya, if I can be arsed to hijack a windows session), a great desire to redesign, posts to type once I’m done redesigning (some namedropping, some CMS-related rants), a new flat to inhabit soon, projects to start, pictures to take before winter chases the last leaves away… the usual.
I’m not dead yet, just hibernating.