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2007 05 29


I especially love the O RLY – YA RLY – NO WAI construct for if-then-else.

2007 05 27

broadcasting SSID is not a crime! (the jury’s still out on skateboarding)

Wi-fi kills babies! (background info)

2007 05 25

im in ur twitter postin new linez

So in the meanwhile, I got myself a twitter account, and after three days am not bored of it yet.

I’m even exploring the various ways to do funny stuff in twitter clients like twitteriffic :

im in ur twitteriffic stealin ur vertical spacez !!1

Next step, a game of chess with Unicode chars &#x2654 to &#x265F?

2007 05 22

a one year hiatus

Hey, I’m back.

(Well, “hey” to my last ten or so readers.)