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2005 04 03

great scott

“Why are you all standing in shadow?
— Copyright protection!”

Simpsons-Futurama-Marvel crossover

2005 02 24

congratulations, you’re a sociopath!

Congratulations; You’re a sociopath.
— It feels kinda good.”

2005 02 09

Rainbow Batman

Punching villains while attending Gotham City Pride Parade: Rainbow Batman!

2004 02 20

Stalin vs Hitler

Russian comic featuring Herr Schicklgruber and Komrade Dzhugashvili (with his thick Georgian accent), superheroes-style.

2004 01 02

so does this mean my jacket is not to blame for all of this?

If you like Get Your War On, you may just dig Debbie, no!, yet another hilarious use of old comics for political satire.
You ignorant bitch! This is bigger than your jacket!