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2005 02 06

How To Cook An Omelette (and not be a drama queen about it)

If Matt Haughey can’t cook an omelette with a chestnut roasting pan, then indeed nobody can cook omelettes (via) at all.

So, last wednesday on the way to ParisCarnet, the monthly parisian bloggers meetup, François Nonnenmacher told me about MovableType’s handling of TrackBacks.
If you’ve never used MT before, you’re in for a shock or two. (I was shocked myself, since the last time I used MT was years ago, circa version 1.4, and at the time I didn’t even check the functionnalities. I was already happy that I managed to install it.)

Apparently, when you use MT and your blog receives a TrackBack:

  • the notification does not tell you on which post it was made,
  • you can not edit or delete the TrackBack

The second point had me laughing. “So basically we end up deleting editing them using phpMyAdmin”, Laurent added. I wonder how those who use MT’s file-based database do; maybe they’re just screwed.

If Joe Jenett can’t cook an omelette with a chestnut roasting pan, then Joe Jenett cooks chestnuts instead.

I seriously hope someone is coming up with an MT plugin for PingBack (and not just for MT, mind you, I’d love to see more blogwares implement PingBack aswell). At the very least, this would make Joe Jenett’s blog interoperable with other blogwares, since he chose to go with a mechanism that mimics what most implementations of PingBack do.
Because it’s just very annoying to input an URL manually.

If Shelley Powers can’t cook an omelette despite having easy access to a frypan, then Shelley becomes a veggie.

Or really, everyone could just use the right ustensil to cook omelette accept TrackBacks: a frypan WordPress, and then sprinkle with salt to stop worrying about trackback spam ever again.
(Now if we could just fix the remaining bugs and quirks and release WordPress 1.5…)

Update: I’ve just been told you can delete (but not edit or moderate) TrackBacks in MT, and that the notification does tell you on which posts TrackBacks were made. Looks like with age, my memory is starting to fail me; or maybe it was just the alcohol. I still keep to my chestnut roasting pan analogy, if only for the lack of any sensible moderation option for TrackBacks.

2004 05 15

revue de presse

Fictitious IRC snippet:

bunch of cheapocommies, $100 is barely the price of a good dinner
you rich buffoon!
MT was only free enough anyway, I switch
welcome slashdot visitors!
stop putting words in our mouth, ffs

( In other, unrelated news, Undernet is upping the nickname length limit from 9 to 12 characters. )

2004 05 13

Movable Type goes 3.0, farts in your general direction

So, SixApart has just announced Movable Type 3.0, dubbed it “Developers Edition”, switched to a ridiculously steep pricing sheet, and expressed their commitment to a free version. Wonderful, ain’t it?

“Free version.” As Shelley Powers expressed it, “One of the reasons people haven’t moved to WordPress or other weblogging tools is lack of support for multiple weblogs–yet.”
Take that advantage away (many MT users have more than three weblogs, and are not the only author) with MT 3.0, and there you have to use multiple free versions of MT, on which you must remain the only author. At the moment, you must install multiple WordPresses if you want to handle multiple blogs, but at least you don’t have to pay extra cash if you’re handling multiple users.

“Developers Edition.” Yeah, SixApart can thank third-party developers for doing all the innovation for them these past two years.
It’s cynical how in such an innocent title, SixApart symbolised their relationship with plug-in developers: you code for free, we rip the profits.

Disclaimer: As a WordPress developer, I’m not exactly unbiased. But trust me, I tried to be objective in this post. Had I done it in a subjective way, expletives would have littered the screen to express my digust at SixApart for such a blatant disregard of their users’ expectations.