Covcel Review- College Ready Scores!

This past spring, I took the GED course provided by Covcel. The content of the Covcel course is well-structured and includes many online video lessons, practice tests, and quizzes about the covered subject topics.

I took the 6-month Covcel plan and the main feature and biggest help were the video instruction and clear explanations for the addressed problems and topics.

The video lessons and practice tests all of the major fields and topics that are on the GED test. Covcel’s question bank contains some 1000 questions and provides detailed information on all topics addressed in the videos. Everything is explained clearly and this program is really a must-have for GED test-takers.

I was pretty much impressed with the resources I was offered and I never had the idea that I needed additional lessons, more explanation, or more practice questions. I don’t have any experience with other GED prep providers, but I can’t see some other course being more comprehensive or more clear than this Covcel course.

I thought the best part of the Covcel course, and that by far, was the section ‘Test-Taking Strategies.’ (more…)

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Culinary Arts Schools in Washington State

Your high school diploma or GED makes you eligible for a college education and many students dream about a career as a chef. Let’s take a closer look at some culinary education institutions in Washington State.

Are you thinking to enroll in a culinary arts school in Washington and explore the world of becoming a chef or a baker? There are great culinary arts schools in Washington and these fine culinary arts schools can make your dreams come true. If you are in Washington State right now, are very interested in culinary arts,

and wants to become a world-class chef someday, then you are in the right place because Washington State is a hotbed for culinary schooling. Start your culinary career now and choose and find the right culinary arts school in Washington for your culinary arts education and training.

The culinary arts schools in Washington educate and train its students on the principles of how to cook and prepare great food. Culinary arts schools in Washington also help students to become very successful in their quest to becoming a chef or baker in the future.

Vocational training schools, technical trade schools, community colleges, and universities in Washington offer comprehensive culinary arts degrees, courses, classes, culinary arts training programs, and culinary arts certifications. Culinary arts schools in Washington also provide excellent education and training that includes lectures, classroom training, classroom demos, field trips, externships, and hands-on training.


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