Onsego Review- College Ready Scores!

This past spring, I took the GED course provided by Onsego. The content of the Onsego course is well-structured and includes many online video lessons, practice tests, and quizzes about theOnsego GED course covered subject topics. I read a review of this GED program on mycareertools.com, and I really wanted to try it.

So, I took the 12-month Onsego plan, and the main feature and biggest help were the video lessons. The course included very clear explanations about problems and topics.

The video lessons and practice tests covered all of the major fields and topics that are on the GED® test. Onsego’s question bank contains some 1000 questions and provides detailed information on all topics addressed in the video lessons. Everything is explained clearly, and this program is really a must-have for GED test-takers.

I was pretty much impressed with the resources I was offered, and I never had the idea that I needed additional lessons, more explanation, or more practice questions. I don’t have any experience with other GED prep providers, but I can’t see some other courses being more comprehensive or more clear than this Onsego course.

I thought the best part of the Onsego course, and that by far, was the section ‘Test-Taking Strategies.’

These test-taking strategies lessons explain that GED testing is all about simplicity and logic. They teach and explain testing techniques and the best approach for tackling problems. These are not ‘textbook’ techniques but simple, intuitive, and highly effective strategies.

What’s so good about Onsego? Well, firstly, their course is of superb quality. Secondly, Onsego offers outstanding support. If you have questions or need anything, they are ready to assist you, and if you have any special requests, they will go a long way to help you. Amazing!

After I studied with Onsego for a few weeks, I became full of confidence. The course broke subjects and topics that I struggled with before into really simple-to-understand and easy-to-comprehend pieces. I learned how to solve practice problems quickly and easily. This boosted my confidence so I could move forward fast!

I highly recommend this Onsego GED program. I’m sure it will help anyone who wants to earn a GED. In the last six months, my progress has been tremendous. Not only did I pass the GED exam, but I also managed to get scores in the ‘college-ready range on all of the four GED subtests!

Thanks to the Onsego course, I’m going to college without even having to submit SAT scores! My college-ready scores allow me to attend credit-bearing college coursework without having to take any remedial courses. That feels so great! Thank you, Onsego, for your support and guidance.

I would recommend signing up for the six-month GED study plan. This option offers you a great structure for your learning and allows you to develop your knowledge in all covered GED topics effectively. If you study hard and be patient, I’m sure you’ll manage to pass the four GED subtests smoothly. You might even get college-ready scores just as I did.