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Should You Still Create Your Brand’s Facebook Presence?

Whether you are a small startup or a blogger looking to help grow your reader base and increase your traffic, creating a Facebook page is your first step. Or should I say WAS? I don’t think so.

Facebook is still the most relevant platform and is still the most affordable option. If you don’t have the budget to hire a social media professional at this stage of the game then that means the responsibilities will fall to you, or someone on your team. So let’s check it out, should you still create your brand’s Facebook presence?

Your Facebook page is still very important. it should reflect your brand’s or your personal style, your personality, and professionalism as is often shown very well by moms on the “Cows In The Barn” website.

This post is intended to only cover the very basic steps of starting your Facebook page, there is much more information than I can cover in the space of one blog post that you’ll need to know. I’m not going to cover things like choosing an avatar, or a cover image.  Those are self-explanatory in my opinion.

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A Colorful Life

In pickle green and retriever gold, a new house charms like an old. Design is what it’s all about and this stunning piece of property makes the sunshine get into it always. It’s a colorful life in this wonderfully designed house. The architecture is classically beautiful, the colors are thoughtful, and the setting is nothing less than stunning. It truly is a colorful life!

You’d expect the house of paint-store owners to be gloriously colored. The new home of Mary Hall and Ken Schuricht, proprietors of Winslow Paint Co. and Winslow Hardware and Mercantile, exceeds all expectations, with its brick-red and gold exterior trimmed in richest eggplant and radiant chartreuse.

Viewed from across the wild wetlands that stretch from house to Puget Sound, the silvery-metal peaked roof and multipaned façade look like a child’s drawing of an eccentric grandma’s house. Street-side, the wings of the house spread to embrace twin carports, each housing a matching Honda Element looking more like car-shaped cartoons than actual vehicles.

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