Hokuto no Ken vs script kiddies

Who is going to stop these hordes of script kiddies getting ready to trample the millions of unpatched Windows 2000 servers?
Norton? Panda? F-Secure? Zone-Alarm (ok, this one’s a joke)?

Enter Ken, Fist of the North Star! With Ken, “you’re already secure — you just don’t know it yet. A-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta!”

2 responses

  1. Hi, Michel

    Sorry to put a message for you direct in your Blog!
    My name is Sandro Valdrighi, I’m brazilian and I work as a graphic desinger in an advertising agency.
    I decided to write to you ’cause we have the same surname and I’m curious about that. What’s your origin? Do you know something about the history of the “Valdrighi” family?
    If you decide to keep me in contact you have my e-mail address:
    Do you work as a photographer?
    Sorry, I don’t understand french and my english is very poor!

    Best regards,

    Sandro Valdrighi

    #1 Sandro Valdrighi — 2004/05/12 at 23:30

  2. cf. Sandro : Aaaah, les joie des familles recomposées… Tiens-nous au courant, Michel!

    #2 Xavier — 2004/05/13 at 13:40

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