who can you trust?

Yesterday, Microsoft did a demonstration of Longhorn, comparing it to Windows XP. Both OSs ran on the same hardware.

What happened according to Reuters (in Yahoo! News):

The Longhorn machine, although slightly better than Windows XP at displaying graphics-heavy Windows, failed to respond when Allchin also tried to bring up another graphics-intensive application, the popular first person shooter game Quake.

The same event, according to IDG News Service (in InfoWorld):

On a Windows XP PC the images got jittery and the video memory quickly maxed out, on the Longhorn system the images were fluent and the system was able to run the Quake video game in the background.

So, according to one journalist, the machine wouldn’t respond when Allchin tried to run Quake on Longhorn. Another journalist saw it running fine in the background.
Who is reporting the fact, and who is playing Microsoft’s PR game?

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  1. Except that you don’t even know if that’s the question, or the question is “Who is telling the truth, and who is reaming Microsoft no matter what?”

    #1 Phil Ringnalda2004/05/05 at 22:09

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