printing acronyms

While trying to fit a giant title into a two lines area, converting what could be converted to acronyms, I wondered how I could expand said acronyms in the printed version of the page.
I also wondered why Gecko bothered to print a dotted border-bottom on acronyms: after all, on a sheet of paper they aren’t quite hoverable, so the dotted line is just distracting.

So anyway, here’s what one could use to print an acronym:

acronym[title]:after {
	content: "\0000a0(" attr(title) ")";
acronym {
	border-bottom: 0;

Problem: Typography dictates that only the first instance of an acronym be expanded. To comply, one would have to change acronym[title] to acronym.first[title], and then add class=”first” to the first instance of the acronym.
Half-assed workaround: CSS3 provides a :first-of-type pseudo class that applies to sibling tags. Once it’s implemented in browsers, it could be used to expand the first acronym in each container. That’s a good enough solution if one doesn’t want to pollute markup with extra classes.

4 responses

  1. Avec les compteurs CSS, ça doit être faisable aussi … mais si mes souvenirs sont bons, il n’y a qu’opera qui les supporte relativement bien.

    #1 nicky — 2004/08/09 at 14:28

  2. dotted line is just distracting.

    #2 搬屋2007/08/09 at 5:21

  3. How would you translate into Spanish “Anti-snap baxk roll”? Thank you.

    #3 Dante — 2009/03/22 at 18:31

  4. Anti-snap back roll. Sorry I madea typo in my former message.

    #4 Dante — 2009/03/22 at 18:32

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