Microsoft to release a cheaper Windows in Asia.
In places like Thailand and Malaysia where buying a pirated copy of Windows XP for $1 is a common practice, you would think this would encourage people to buy a real version for a few more bucks. But here come the catches:

Microsoft’s new software – dubbed “XP Lite” – will feature lower resolution graphics and limited options for networking computers together.

It will also limit users to running three programs concurrently – a far cry from the full version of XP, where the only practical limit comes from the speed of the computer and the size of its memory.

Now let’s put ourselves in the shoes of some Thai, Malay, or Indonesian person: would we rather pay $50 (wild estimate) for a really crippled Windows XP, or get the full deal, albeit pirated, for $1?
(Or better, save the $1 to buy a blank CD and get Linux instead?)

6 responses

  1. I would setup a store and sell the fake stuff and keeping some for myself. This way I make money and also can use the software without letting someone over-charge me for software.

    #1 benjaman — 2004/08/14 at 5:08

  2. Dual boot both the $1 version of XP and Linux.

    #2 Mog2004/08/16 at 2:48

  3. D.L XP off of suprnova and burn it on a CD that costs 10 cents.

    #3 Frank2004/08/18 at 3:55

  4. Ahh, but yes, how do you DL XP off a site unless you got the connections and an OS to begin with? Is Microsoft really aching that much for some money?

    #4 tek — 2004/08/19 at 12:14

  5. For some reason, I want the “crippled” version. It sounds like normal Windows XP but without the crap! I mean, I use about 10% of the “features” of Windows XP. I can remove these myself but… wouldn’t it be much better if Microsoft provided a “lite” version for the uber-tweakers?

    #5 James Greenwood2005/04/04 at 11:32

  6. That is the most retarded reason to buy a neutered version of an OS

    #6 HUH? — 2005/09/29 at 8:12

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