Apple uses WordPress

This is just grand. Apple picked WordPress for their Student Blog on education.apple.com! (via crw)

The result feels a little rushed and unpolished though, like Apple wanted something out the door quickly.
There is no reason for an Apple product to feel so awkward done, so let’s highlight some issues that Apple could easily fix in the next days to improve the Student Blog.

First the layout issues:

  • “– Dave @ time” doesn’t look very professional.
  • The calendar, not only being useless by essence, is practically negated by the absence of dates in the template.
  • Links to RSS 2.0 and Atom feeds stand below the disclaimer, without any heading or indication of what the hell they are. Keep in mind apple.com’s audience most likely comprises many non-bloggers… even many bloggers don’t know what RSS and Atom are.

Then the rest:

  • The blog claims to be “a community site for students”, yet there is little to no indication of it, and one is left wondering: who is Dave? where are the others in the community? how do I join? can I only join?
    In the purest “let’s ignore corporate bullshit when skimming through posts” manner, I had purely ignored to read the very first post by ‘blog admin’ (whoever that is). The information therein ought to be part of the template, albeit in a slightly refactored form.
  • Dave posts about Apple’s laptops’ wireless abilities, then casually says he’s going on a business trip. Then the blog goes idling, after three posts. Couldn’t Apple wait for Dave’s availability, or recruit other bloggers to fill the void?

Nevertheless, I’m curious to see where this experiment is heading in the next weeks… About time Apple leverages blogging as more than just convenient word of mouth PR, don’t you think?

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  1. Kewl blog you got goin on up here.
    Peace, JiggyWittit

    #1 JiggyWittit2006/03/06 at 17:11

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