anagram interview: Matt Mullenweg

This is entirely fictional. Answers are made from rearranging the letters in the interviewee’s name.
(The concept is from davezilla.)

Michel: Matt, you seem crazy about opensource, can you tell us just how crazy?
Matt Mullenweg: Well, me “GNU Matt!”

Michel: Some say you’ve got superhero-like coding abilities, where do they come from?
Matt Mullenweg: Well, mutant gem.

Michel: Ahah, you can’t be serious! Could be thanks to your diet? What would you suggest?
Matt Mullenweg: Guttle new malm.

Michel: A little off-topic, how would you explain Georges W. Bush’s popularity in Texas?
Matt Mullenweg: W? mullet magnet!

Michel: Indeed! By the way, which neocon was it again, on that redneck magazine cover?
Matt Mullenweg: Mullet Mag? Newt.

Michel: I heard you listened to sad emo music lately? This can’t be!?
Matt Mullenweg: Let me want glum!

Michel: Any message to HauntedUnix, about the #wordpress regulars who haven’t sent their mug shots to yet?
Matt Mullenweg: Tell ’em “Want mug!”

5 responses

  1. Great stuff! I love content-less interviews. What anagram engine did you use to generate these?


    #1 Larry Ayers2005/02/13 at 4:45

  2. […]
    Anagram Interview

    February 12th, 2005 10:05 pm
    File under: Asides

    Michel has an Anagram Interview with me.

    « Upgrade Partay

    #2 Photo Matt » Anagram Interview2005/02/13 at 7:05

  3. Anagram Interview

    Cool little interview with PhotoMatt. His answers can only be made up of the letters in his name. Made it very interesting. Read the interview….

    #3 Ravensky.org2005/02/13 at 8:10

  4. A wavering minaret!

    Or maybe, _water vermin again_? After my own attempts at gay ant rap (sorry, anagram poetry) on my name and those of some friends, Michel “Zegun” from Corsica has published an anagram interview with Matt, the WordPress lead developer



    #4 serendipity2005/02/14 at 0:53

  5. Well done!

    #5 Davezilla2005/02/25 at 13:29

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