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Fake del.icio.us links until I get off my lazy arse and start using del.icio.us (I’ll blame the lack of good Gnome-ish clients too).

Addendum to the third item: wouldn’t it be nice if there was a Firefox extension that would check the generator for a site’s feed and then allow you to add the site as a search engine if the generator is WordPress or any other tool with an easily discoverable search facility?

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  1. Glad you like the plugin…

    Your addendum: Good idea… however, I don’t think the Firefox search box accepts a .ico icon, which some people have for their favicons, which is where I would think that a Firefox extension like you propose would get a potential icon from. Of course, if the extension could convert from .ico to .png, that wouldn’t be so bad…

    #1 Brett Taylor2005/05/19 at 23:28

  2. […]
    Thinking with Type: um excelente site sobre tipografia, fontes, letras, etc. (via Michel Valdrighi)


    #2 jcraveiro.com » Thinking with Type2005/05/27 at 22:13

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