red and green on white

red and green on white

First snow in Paris yesterday, Jardin des Tuileries.

Only my second experience of shooting in the snow.
The first one was disastrous, as my old digicam fell in the snow and refused to boot up for weeks. This time, I could really trust the camera’s body, and that makes a tremendous difference.
Too bad there’s no snow anymore this morning…

2 responses

  1. Beautiful photo.
    I miss the snow! It doesn’t feel like winter at all here yet… still warm!

    #1 Rania2005/12/01 at 21:02

  2. …but, you see, you still have the snow – even if the snow has vanished.

    …and, I agree — beautiful photograph – as many of them are; and, thanks for your “eye”

    #2 jdo2005/12/03 at 14:44

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