2005 je t’aime

2005 je t'aime

When I look back, I think I’ve had a very good year 2005.

How was your 2005?

19 responses

  1. When I look back, I think 2006 will have a hard time being crappier than 2005.

    #1 kwyxz2006/01/02 at 5:53

  2. My 2005 started off boring, continued to be mostly boring, and then ended with lots of fun and lovery :D

    #2 Lele2006/01/03 at 16:30

  3. You have great shots.

    #3 nikonman2006/01/04 at 10:48

  4. Better than 2004 (witch was easy).

    #4 mouche2006/01/04 at 13:36

  5. Very intersting to see that franchement quand on laisse des messages pédants et hautains comme les tiens sur certains blogs, on comprend pourquoi vous avez choisi de faire des photos et non des livres..

    #5 Brassoad — 2006/01/06 at 14:15

  6. Oulala, y’a des opposants à mon Corse préféré. Quel dommage de ne pas apprécier Michel comme il se doit, il n’y a pas plus souriant et aimable comme garçon.
    Je rêve…”Hautain” ? Mais quand on est Corse, on est forcément au-dessus de la mélée, voyons.
    Relisez Astérix!

    #6 ron2006/01/06 at 21:09

  7. Brassoad, j’aimerais avoir des liens vers les messages en question pour clarifier ces accusations de pédanterie. (Sauf s’il s’agit du blog de certain tâcheron qui se plaignait de son PR 0, où là vraiment ce type s’est mis le monde à dos pour mieux faire la victime.)
    Mon ton que je ne veux aucunement hautain a du mal à passer textuellement, j’imagine. J’ai juste un mal fou à rester dans le consensuel, à éviter de froisser telle ou telle personne : le consensuel, ça m’emmerde.
    J’attends quand même les URLs de ces messages. Il doit y en avoir quelques uns où j’ai été inique et que je remanierais bien, si ça permet à de courageux anonymes redresseurs de torts (et aux auteurs des blogs dont j’ai critiqué les idées) de se sentir mieux…

    Ron, merci mais y’a aussi des fois où si l’on ne me connait pas on peut penser que je suis un bel enculé (oh, le joli double-sens). Je le regrette, mais bon, les communications écrites…

    #7 michel v — 2006/01/08 at 15:59

  8. Pretty much the same as sir kwyxz.
    If 2006 turns out to be worse than 2005, suicide will be the only way out, I guess.

    #8 Lise2006/01/09 at 12:06

  9. 1978 was crappy, so was 2005.
    I don’t expect that much of 2006

    #9 neuro2006/01/21 at 13:53

  10. Sad and depressing, but not lethal

    #10 redhat — 2006/01/23 at 16:23

  11. Ben alors ? T’es ou ? Tu fais quoi ?

    #11 ron2006/01/24 at 17:21

  12. difficult in most areas of life, but good making stronger for a open future. try to learn to live in the present. discovering the power of present. Now , today in 2006 via via landed on your blog and admire your pictures. Most of them are really beautifull and looking at it gives a good feeling at that moment. Will look forward to more feel good moments. thx for that feeling!

    #12 zztoppie — 2006/01/25 at 22:09

  13. Ti salut de moi qui aime bien tes photos :)

    #13 Laxigue — 2006/01/27 at 15:04

  14. It’s a good way to see the past…

    #14 Gabriela Juns2006/01/27 at 18:02

  15. Salut Michel
    Sympa ton blog!!

    #15 linsay79 — 2006/02/02 at 22:31

  16. i am more amazed with the pics than anything else on this page. they are all things of beauty, filling me up and let me sail through my classical music that I think nobody in this era at my age is listening. Your pics just got me going, and thinking, that this world can be so creative depends on how you look at it…
    i hope to learn more everytime when I visit this site, and thank you!

    #16 Hairri2006/02/11 at 5:46

  17. well, I think I passed too much time in front of the computer, I think I had just looked to the stars but I didn’t really see them, I think I didn’t say “I love you” enough and, more than everything I didn’t realise that I was loosing someone in somewhere…

    #17 aline — 2006/03/08 at 19:57

  18. Year 2005? For me it was the most transforming year ever. I got greatest inspiration and composed my first piece of music – and it is for an overtone choir – and it has been a great success. Many people said that its the best song the choir sings.
    Of course I did not believe them! Impossible.
    Until a Master of choirmasters from Germany said that he wants me to write something for him… and that I may come to sing it with his professional choirs. (but this happened later, in 2006)

    I am SHOCKED. :O

    so, this is how was year 2005 for me.


    #18 Filip — 2006/10/03 at 8:52

  19. when i look back at 2005 (31th of December), that was the best day of my life, cus then i met the love of my life!! (which she still is!!)

    #19 jeroid — 2007/09/29 at 18:53

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