merry stuff!

I’m happily getting bored out of my head livin’ it up in Corsica, after I almost got stuck in Marseilles for a night (prepare one long hour and a half of transit, see Air France make your first plane get one long hour and twenty minutes late, and then see Air France forget your luggage too!).

So yeah, seaside, celebrations, pictures to upload, etc.

Merry stuff!

Except Air France and those who allow the company to have a monopoly on the Paris-Bastia link. I hereby invite these people to suck cocks in hell.

4 responses

  1. avoırs des nouvelles

    #1 chehab2005/12/29 at 16:42

  2. avoır des contactes acec des gens

    #2 chehab2005/12/29 at 16:43

  3. amazing
    i love your site
    though i can’t work out where to post a general comment like this
    love like the cross-through writing style
    and your date-order resonates

    i would like to put a field of specific posts
    on the sidebar of my own blog
    could you point out the way of doing this?

    by way of leaving
    i think you would enjoy armagetron
    the lightcycles computer game
    in this busy virtual world
    something zen about it


    #3 david2005/12/30 at 6:35

  4. Thanks

    #4 kale kapı2007/05/24 at 19:35

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