Winer shuts down comments, gives birth to blogosphere!

PS: You can, sometimes, leave comments on my blog. But I had the first comments on a blog, and it was great for a while, but then it turned into a constant cesspool of whining wiener boys. They drowned out the interesting stuff. I decided they could start their own blogs, and they did, and now we have a blogosphere.

He Who Shall Not Be Named, in which he calls Ben Metcalfe a coward

(Emphasis mine.)

And just for the record, being called an asshole in front of a crowd of 400 influential people, and managing to reply in a civil manner to avoid one of the two parties to look like a fool, does not a coward make, in my book.
Ironic that this is coming from a troll who’s been known to delete posts before the end of the day when they backfire at him.

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  1. So ironic…
    I don’t know what happens to Six Appart these days (perhaps something in the eating at Les Blogs…), but Mena Trott is not the only one loosing her self control,
    The Good,
    The Bad.”

    I do not have an “Ugly” for this story, but ur troll seems perfect…

    Sorry for the English speaking readers, this nice fight is in French.

    #1 Arnaud — 2005/12/09 at 13:13

  2. Aaah, will I dare one day to publish my post (tentatively) titled “Dave Winer is an Asshole”, relating the exchange of a few mails about Winer’s (previous) opinion about the Iraq war, and where he calls French people names ?

    Ah, I still don’t know. It’s been two years now, de l’eau a coulé sous les ponts, and yet and yet, who wants to waste a pretty nice & long post… Yeah, I know about public disclosure of private mail, but still… gngngnnn…

    #2 Xavier2005/12/09 at 18:00

  3. Wow, Xavier, you’ve shown noble restraint and respect for privacy — by TELLING US EVERYTHING THAT WAS IN THE EMAIL ALREADY. Moron!

    #3 Xavier2005/12/11 at 0:54

  4. Dave : the devil is the details. And I didn’t give any. People can go read about your previous public opinions about that war and the French by browsing your blog entries from two years ago, and extrapolate the private opinions from what they find. A simple Google search using “site:scripting.com french 2003” brings up a few. Please don’t delete them.

    But you’ve made a good point : I won’t publish this post publicly. Maybe just password protect it, mmmh ;) And with a different title + a disclaimer, ‘cos, I have to give you credit for that, man, you sure changed sides since 2003. And that post of mine, including its title, is not reprenstative of you anymore. Also, I care for your health, wouldn’t like to take a few months away from you by making you angry or anything. As I wrote, de l’eau a coulé sous les ponts.

    Oh, BTW, your right edge popup redirect thingy looks broken.

    Et, Michel, désolé d’avoir volé le commentaire de Dave qui te revenait de droit, ton post le méritait pourtant. I am bad, I am to blame. Je te payerais un coca-fraise quand on se verra, pour me faire pardonner.

    #4 Xavier2005/12/12 at 12:17

  5. I don’t think the comment calling you a moron was from Winer himself.
    He wouldn’t have linked to scripting.ORG, and he wouldn’t have resorted to such petty name-calling.

    My guess is that is just one of many anonymous avengers.

    #5 michel v — 2005/12/12 at 18:22

  6. Right, I didn’t notice that .org. I thought Dave was just too angry to even bother checking if he did insert his name in the appropriate field.
    And I guess you’re right about the name-calling in public comments.
    Still, his right edge bidule has been fixed in the mean time… Hopefully I’ve proven myself useful today :)

    #6 XiBe2005/12/12 at 18:50

  7. You might find this interesting: Dave is the first Bastard of the Blogs!

    #7 King Bastard2006/01/04 at 19:24

  8. some whiney wieners should just shut up and leave u lowly bloggers alone to blog your pointless lifes in peace

    #8 brett — 2006/09/10 at 10:42