gamma is the new beta

(I was suddenly wondering why my flickr photos displayed on two columns…)

Flickr redesigns, updates Organizr, and turns gamma. Who’s betting other so-called Web 2.0 apps are soon to jump on the gamma train?

6 responses

  1. So, running the whole remaining greek alphabet from delta to omega, we should have eventually have a stable 1.0 (2.0?) release before the end of 2010.

    Unless they start using kanas by then…

    Let’s brace for Flicker 1.0 は…

    #1 dr Dave2006/05/17 at 9:48

  2. When I noticed the two columns, I was torn. It looks ugly somehow. Minimalistal-y bad.
    And I hope they’re out of gamma soon. It looks silly on the top.

    #2 tek — 2006/06/08 at 2:49

  3. yeah it does look and sound silly.
    Well it was kinda ridiculous to keep the “bêta” baseline altough the product was stable and used by thousand of people, but this is a big step ahead in silliness…

    #3 giz4042006/06/12 at 10:52

  4. got no idea what your all on???????????OR on about.

    #4 michelle — 2006/07/23 at 14:12

  5. Really don’t know where Web2.0 is heading.

    #5 ituloy angsulong2007/01/15 at 8:33

  6. I suppose it depend on the size of your photos.

    If there were larger size then they would have to go to one column.

    I am assuming this is what you preferr?

    I only just discovered flickr photos when I started making a blog at Squidoo.

    Its really cool, you could make a lence like this one and link it back to your blog.

    You can also do RSS feeds to it from your blog

    Check out this one here


    #6 kev — 2007/06/10 at 13:14

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