six years

Has it really been six years since I opened my Blogger account and posted for the first time?
(Entry to be completed later…)

4 responses

  1. You’re on the blogroll of my newly installed script. it’s one of life’s mysteries at least to me, but my history of blogophobia accounts for that. So have fun, stop by if you will, i have answers, and knowledge gained at a high price, but none of the answers are to anything important and what I know,
    is for the most part useless too. Nonetheless the search goes on. I’m searching the edges for new material, good stories, pictures, info/disinfo and good times. I’m happ, hope you’re happy too. -D

    #1 Frenetic D2006/05/13 at 21:17

  2. bé bon anniversaire de blog, hein :)

    #2 Joachim2006/05/13 at 22:32

  3. It’s nice to know I was able to help you out with blogger and eventually create b2 and be part of WordPress :)

    #3 DaWorm — 2006/12/01 at 5:11

  4. Congratulations! Six years ago, only some peple cared about blogs, now everybody has his own..

    #4 Ferienhaus2006/12/08 at 13:58

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