a one year hiatus

Hey, I’m back.

(Well, “hey” to my last ten or so readers.)

12 responses

  1. Vive la syndication ! :)

    #1 Matoo2007/05/22 at 16:22

  2. Welcome back!

    #2 Priscilla2007/05/22 at 16:46

  3. What Matoo said: long live your RSS feed!

    #3 Antonio Cavedoni2007/05/22 at 16:57

  4. So, you’ve been working on a Dotclear killer or what? ;)

    #4 Sam — 2007/05/22 at 18:43

  5. I could feel it in the water
    I could feel it in the earth

    #5 Sunny2007/05/22 at 21:27

  6. ten readers ? well, maybe more than that. or not.

    #6 bballizlife2007/05/23 at 18:48

  7. Hi :-)

    #7 Aquarion2007/05/24 at 7:49

  8. Ça nous en fait déjà 8…


    #8 an.archi2007/05/24 at 17:51

  9. omg it’s alive !
    (et de 9 !)

    #9 Le hasard2007/05/25 at 15:01

  10. Oh wow, faithful readers!
    “You love me… you really love me!”

    Welcome back! :D

    #10 michel v — 2007/05/25 at 15:58

  11. Waoh le choc de voir zengun avec du non lu sur son netvibes. :) (pub cachée je vous dirai pas laquelle)

    #11 Kerdekel2007/05/26 at 1:46

  12. kinda strange, but i saw some photos on flickr, which took me to the John Ha’s Weblog, which brought me here. I just have one question for john and that was did that heavy lift ship sink?. im sorry for being so blunt, but i can be seen at a myspace page mike mars, wheeling, illinois, 60090

    regardless, thank you, for 4 your time


    #12 mike2008/02/06 at 5:41

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