im in ur twitter postin new linez

So in the meanwhile, I got myself a twitter account, and after three days am not bored of it yet.

I’m even exploring the various ways to do funny stuff in twitter clients like twitteriffic :

im in ur twitteriffic stealin ur vertical spacez !!1

Next step, a game of chess with Unicode chars &#x2654 to &#x265F?

7 responses

  1. very nice! :)

    #1 Pumpkin — 2007/05/25 at 23:32

  2. goog work

    #2 mILo — 2007/05/25 at 23:35

  3. Well seems like I stumbled on you log – do not understand any of it but seems interesting
    So what are all those characters that you have mentioned at the end of the twitter article?

    #3 joe ralph — 2007/05/26 at 23:39

  4. Joe : welcome here! The characters mentioned are Unicode characters for Chess game pieces.

    #4 michel v — 2007/05/27 at 16:48

  5. Don’t worry you’ll get bored with twitter. Actually you’ll realize you just spent about 100 hours playing around with it and you’re still not happy with how its set up. Welcome back.

    #5 Butler2007/06/02 at 5:37

  6. nice

    #6 ivan2007/06/03 at 23:23

  7. oooooooooooooooeeeeeeeeeeegosto otario

    #7 rian — 2007/08/13 at 17:44

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