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2006 05 12

six years

Has it really been six years since I opened my Blogger account and posted for the first time?
(Entry to be completed later…)

2006 03 09

random observation on tagging

You know tagging jumps the shark when there are more tags for a blog post than words in it.

2005 12 13

cheese sandwiching, now with added insight

See? You thought an entry about such a banal subject was going to be dull, didn’t you? And here you are, getting a valuable insight into my twisted and fractured psychology. Aren’t you _oh_ so lucky?

Aquarion, on shaving

2005 10 25

marchand d’allumettes

Il est donc strictement interdit de reproduire sur un blog tout ou partie d’un autre blog sans avoir préalablement reçu l’autorisation du blogueur en question.
Éric Barbry, Blogs : les recours en cas de reproduction illicite de contenu

Un article sur le droit de reproduction des contenus qui n’évoque pas une seule fois le droit de citation : foutaises.
Par contre, pour qui veut se la jouer John Wayne du barreau, Barbry fournit les munitions. Balles perdues comprises ?

2005 08 28

from blogging to personal point of view publishing

everyone here has given up on blogging and moved to personal point of view publishing

#joiito on freenode

2005 05 18

dix doigts. un cul. une urgence.

En sortant du bureau, je dis à Mr Peer : “Bon, ce soir faudrait que je me sorte les doigts du cul et que je finisse mon nouveau layout. Tu sais, histoire de l’avoir fini avant de partir en Corse.”
En sortant du Minim’s en face, je dis à Mr Peer : “Bon, ce soir faudrait que je me sorte les doigts du cul et que je finisse mon nouveau layout. Tu sais, histoire de l’avoir fini avant que la journaliste ne visite mon blog.”

J’ai une tonne de choses à faire avant de partir deux semaines.
Et pas assez de doigts libres.

2005 05 10

on corporate blogging and Apple

Hugh MacLeod makes some good points on why corporate blogging works (likely everywhere but France — the case is completely different here), but I just have to disagree about the example chosen to illustrate the alignment of A (the company’s speech) and B (the customers’ opinion).

Point 11 brings us to the need for a porous membrane between A and B, which looks like some different way to express the need for transparency. But then the example of Apple’s success just doesn’t fly.

In Apple’s case, the membrane is porous in two straight ways:

  • from A to B: when Apple issues a new product and immediately showers its customers with coolpaganda so much that they think it’s unnatural not to think the product is cool,
  • from B to A: in a much slower way, when customers blog so much that is perfectible in Apple’s product, or that they just desire from Apple; and then they wait and speculate.

There is no two-way conversation going on.
There is no transparency involved, the membrane between Apple and its customers is but a cliff.
In short, Hugh’s demonstration holds true for myriads of successful companies, but I don’t consider Apple one of them.

2004 12 08

ma feuille de style va très bien, merci

Puhleeze stop e-mailing/telling me that there’s a problem with my stylesheet. There just is no stylesheet here anymore for the time being.
The reason is quite absurd: weeks ago I promised I would get back to blogging once I’d redesign this blog, so when I blogged again and the blog still had the same face, it felt like a broken promise. So there’s no stylesheet anymore until I actually get the time and inspiration to write a new one.

In other news, I’m just back from a mini-conference about blogs and journalism organised by Six Apart.
I feared it would be a “buy some Typepad” fest geared towards journalists who don’t know better, but it turned out alright. Nothing ground-breaking for the few veteran bloggers in the room, but a fine way to show journalists that they needn’t fear The Blog (they will be eventually assimilated anyway).
Heck, it even turned out bloggable. Or at least the conversations we had around drinks after the talks, did.

2004 09 11

bloogie all night long

Groundbreaking revelatory study reveals 29% of bloggers are losers. (via naladahc)

“There is no way that 29% of us are losers. That’s bullshit and I’m going to blog all night to set the record straight!” — Mitch Loveless, blogger

In other dorky news, and if it that makes me part of the 29% blogging losers then so be it, I could totally buy a Pokia DJ Convoy, if only for the CB mic.
Or just stay humble, and buy a simple Pokia handsfree kit, preferably the Hotline model.

2004 06 13

for blog in {blog}: do blog

How does one spend each day blogging about blogging?
Are there newspaper dedicated to other newspapers’ attics? “Exclusive, you read it here first: the New York Post switches to new ink producer!”, is that interesting to anyone?

2004 06 12

Post-synchro 2

Post-synchro 2, c’est parti !
Post-synchro est un jeu dont le but est d’attribuer des textes de blogueurs à leurs auteurs. La première édition était à sujet libre, cette seconde édition impose un sujet aux blogueurs: “la lutte récréative”.
(Et je ne suis pas peu fier d’avoir suggeré ce sujet.)

Félicitations à Kitof pour l’organisation de ce jeu, toujours aussi intéressant, et bonne chance aux participants.

2004 03 10

telephono ergo sum

Got a phone? Are you excited about this whole emerging phoning phenomenon? Enjoy my phone, and want to talk about it with me and other phony individuals?

Then join us at PhoneCon 1876!

Aren’t we just ringing with excitement?! I am echo chambering with delight!

2004 03 07

bloggons … au bon moment

Via bingirl, un article typique de journaleux 01net sur les blogs et les prochaines élections régionales.

De là, deux questions qui me turlupinent:

  • Ces hommes politiques “nouveaux blogueurs” vont-ils continuer de bloguer après les élections régionales ?
  • Si non, peut on considèrer ces blogues comme un dialogue citoyen, ou comme une basse manoeuvre opportune de publicité destinée à exploiter le lectorat des blogueurs naïfs (qui lient allégrement ces politiblogs en en louant les auteurs) ?

2004 01 20

news from the frontlines

Still got some modifications to do on my local WordPress, and I’ll be ready to blog.
About the photolog, since it won’t be ready just yet, you’ll find three thumbnail links to some of my realisations hosted on DeviantArt. Every other day I’ll freshen the links to make them point to new (or old) realisations.

2004 01 02

Joi Too

I knew I was following some kind of meme.

I have no idea if this is a good idea or not, but starting blogs on New Year’s Day seems like a good idea to me.

2004 01 01

Hello, world.

“One small step for a blogger, one giant step for the blogosphere.”

Hello, readers.
I am Michel Valdrighi, both an ex-blogger and new blogger, and the only Corsican blogger (that I know of).
The website’s not done yet, obviously. There were supposed to be marvellous CSS, a photolog, a whole set of witty blog posts to get you in the mood, and then some. Blame procrastination.
Consider this weblog not officially opened yet, like a beta. I hope to be done with the basic features next monday… so you’ll have the benefit to see a design and work in progress. Until then, check back often or subscribe to my RSS feed for updates.

Oh, and happy new year. :)