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2005 12 09

Winer shuts down comments, gives birth to blogosphere!

PS: You can, sometimes, leave comments on my blog. But I had the first comments on a blog, and it was great for a while, but then it turned into a constant cesspool of whining wiener boys. They drowned out the interesting stuff. I decided they could start their own blogs, and they did, and now we have a blogosphere.

He Who Shall Not Be Named, in which he calls Ben Metcalfe a coward

(Emphasis mine.)

And just for the record, being called an asshole in front of a crowd of 400 influential people, and managing to reply in a civil manner to avoid one of the two parties to look like a fool, does not a coward make, in my book.
Ironic that this is coming from a troll who’s been known to delete posts before the end of the day when they backfire at him.